Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today is the day Marilyn was taken from the world.

Celebrate Marilyn’s life the way she would have wanted.

Drink a single Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
Work in your garden.
Love your dogs.
Play some WoW.
Reread her struggle.

Remember a brave, wise, kind soul that was taken from us in your own way.

Just remember.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Birds

It’s definetly Spring here in Madrid.

As I look out the window, the sparrows are doing their daily dance in the sky. They do it every morning and evening looking for a mate. Thousands of them diving and swooping. Last night Wendy and I sat on the terrace and sipped wine and talked and watched the insanity. There are thousands of them over the city.

Paris was nice. The waiters were every bit as rude as you have heard. Hell, they were worse. The women beautiful and stylish. The sites were nice, but not as nice as Madrid. Saw the Eiffel tower, took a boat ride on the Sienne with Wendy and Collette. Dinner at Collette and Mathiu’s house. A night of drinking and male bonding for Mathiu and I. Dozens of snails. Yes, I love escargot. Things like that.

One of the things disconcerting about Paris was the number of Americans. We heard more English than French. And saw more over weight people than you see in a month in Madrid. Spaniards are a tiny people. I am a giant among men here.

Berlin was also nice. More large people than Paris. More large people than America actually. I was not a giant among men there I can assure you. We liked the sausage and beer and I finally ate Wild Boar, something I have wanted to do since I was a child reading Asterix and Obelix.

The trouble with Berlin is the fact that most of the city was destroyed in the war and has been rebuilt. It looks a lot like a typical American city and lacks a lot of European charm and age. We walked along some of the remains of the wall, saw the East Side Gallery and went into the Check Point Charlie Museum which was a fascinating place. Stories about life before, during and after the wall. Stories of escapes, failed escapes and even devices used to escape. Like, the museum has the home made hot air balloon one family used to escape. And a car that smuggled people out.

Wendy and I are doing fantastic. She takes good care of me all the time in a multitude of ways. Too many to list actually. Life here is busy, fun and almost always exciting. I’ve made some good friends through Wendy, and have ninety seven notes on my digital recorder that need to made into stories. I’ve come up with another idea for a book too.

“A Fantasy Buffs Guide to Europe.”

Europe isn’t being sold right to my people (the geeks.) They need to know where they can get Wild Boar. Where they can see statues of Saint George and the Dragon. Where they can see a bridge with 20 foot tall statues at each end holding golden swords. Where they can find a park where Zeus is stuggling with a Mermaid in front of a large pool at the bottom of a waterfall. Where they can see an Obelisk that is 50 feet tall and 3500 years old. Where they can find the best beer and sausage.

I think its up to me to tell them.