Saturday, July 13, 2019

     Magic Arena has really gotten me back into Magic.

     So much so that I started thinking about how far I wanted to take this. I already had OBS set up on my system and had it linked to my Twitch channel. Joshie Trash Talker was willing to do a podcast with me. So, I could jump back into the Magic life with both feet.
     I started out doing some streaming and I noticed a few things about myself when I was streaming.
We all know I'm not great at Magic. Well, I'm even more "not great" when I'm trying to be entertaining and when I am too aware of the camera. And, I can get pretty salty. Which isn't the image I want to project to the world while I'm streaming. Or ever.
     Also, as an introvert, who seems to be getting more introverted as I get older, being "on" for the camera was exhausting.
     The last thing that happened was that Facebook popped up a memory where another writer described the appeal of my writing. The continuing adventures of me and my friends trying to qualify for the pro tour. The journey, the striving, the hilarious personalities. The author even brought up the fact that when I was in Spain, and didn't have that, but was still writing, the feedback was brutal. People just wanted decklists.
So, that moment of my writing career will have to stay in that moment and not try to recreate it from my basement with a digital version of Magic.
Also, last year I did November National Novel writing month aka NaNoWriMo.

You don't try and write quality you try to write 50,000 words. I am very prolific and I could only hit 25,000. But there were parts of that 25k that I was really proud of. There is some really good stuff there.
I continue to wrok on my fantasy novel and I think that is the right direction to take. Trying to go backwards and recapture former glory is probably not the right path forward.

Which isn't to say I'm not writing about Magic anymore, it just means if you're wondering why there isn't a lot more Magic content up here, that's why.