Sunday, April 18, 2010


Wendy and I have just had a long talk.

I am getting back into Magic and making a run for the title.

My goal this time isn't going to be to get back on the Pro Tour, but to win a Pro Tour.

Secret Force: Quest for the Pro Tour II will be available in early June. The reason for this is I need to proof the physical copy of the book that is sent to my house in Vermont and we will be there June 2nd.

I will be playing Magic Online until we go home then playing physically anywhere I can find a game while there. When we return to Spain in September I will be playing at a local shop a half kilometer away and writing about playing Spanish Magic with a limited vocabulary.


  1. Party like its 1999!

    First, let me say I'm stoked to hear of your return to competitive Magic and have absolutely no doubt you'll be a huge success. Second, have you read this article? It made me think of you and your refusal to add cards like Necropotence to your Brothers Grimm deck. And I don't mean that in a condescending way. I'd just like to see you fight fire with fire; if you're serious about winning a Pro Tour, you can't shy away from cheap, broken cards.

  2. Come get some old man.
    I got a vampire deck thats not shabby.
    (also have ramp deck that kills you with land drops)
    Any time.

  3. Thanks for the article Fantastic. I am older and wiser now and hopefully my Magic style has evolved as well. Hopefully I can set aside prejudices and make the changes needed to from a good player to a great one.

    To John, aka Mizu, in the immortal words of The Source - "BRING IT!"

  4. Yeah, I've always been looking forward for something like this! Props for this plan and I wish you all the best luck that you'll also need for this these days.

    'There are no solutions to problems. Only delaying tactics!'

  5. Welcome back, brother.

  6. It's like my Brithday The King of the Fatties Returns! Any chance StarCity would be interested in hearing about your adventures returning to the train? Regardless can't wait to hear about your adventures here. Welcome back Jamie :)

  7. Hot dayum, the King returns. Good to hear, looking forward to some interesting articles :)

  8. Welcome back! I always enjoyed reading your tournament reports and I hope you'll write some more.

  9. Not sure if the game store is still open in Middlebury, hope it is! I may be working on a house in Hancock this summer. Perhaps a game or two :-)

  10. Hello Jamie,

    I am thrilled to see you back. I started playing Magic in 1993 and was following your articles ever since..
    Any chance you would be interested in writing an article for us? Check out We had Steve Sadin writing for us and Nate Price has a regular column about his travel adventures to various Pro Tours and Grand Prix. Please, please contact me :-) Best wishes and good luck,

    Marin Baraba aka Plejades on Magic Online

  11. Jamie:

    shoot me a line at!

    - Ben

  12. Return of the King (of fatties).

    Not a moment to soon in my opinion. Magic articles these days are very dry affairs. I long for the golden days of the humble tournament report. I learnt more from reading those than I ever have from reading today's 5,000 word pieces on why Jund is a good deck or why maintaining a positive attitude is a good thing.

    Welcome back.

  13. I am very excited to hear this. Welcome back, Jamie. I hope to see you writing somewhere soon and look forward to the new book.


  14. Thank you everyone for the support and well wishes. It will be good to be back.
    Eric, sadly, no the store in Middlebury is not open any longer. Neither is the one in St Albans. I know the one in Burlington is so I'll probably be there for some Friday night Magic.
    SCG has already agreed to add me back into their stable of writers and I am very excited about that.
    Marin, your site looks very cool. I'll be watching more videos once I know the cards a little better.

  15. Am I going to become a Magic widow?????

  16. As a relative newcomer to Magic, I thought the age of Wakefield had passed me by. Very happy about this development.

  17. Mr. Wakefield,

    I purchased your first book of Magic and life musings and enjoyed it immensely. It was bittersweet because at the time you had already moved to Spain and were no longer active. I am glad to have the chance to follow you in real time. Good luck.

  18. No one ever really quits.

    The game is much harder than it used to be because there is just so much more information readily available. Deck choice and innovation matter less because almost everyone has the same tech. Nothing is secret for more than a weekend. Fundamentals are more important than ever. Lots of new theory has been printed that you probably should catch up on.

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  20. Jamie, I have your first book and eagerly await the second! This is because of all the Magic books I have read yours was the most funniest and the most enlighting, and is beyond doubt one of my favourite books of all time too.

    I write articles too and if I got anywhere close to yours I'd be happy.

    Glad your back, be looking to see how you do.


  21. Run, it's old man Wakefield!!!


    Take the crown king, we've been waiting for YOU :) Good luck in ur PT bid, I'd be sure to watch in the sidelines as u make HISTORY unfold.