Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Leigh said...

Pal, we're just happy you're home.

Thanks man. It’s good to be home. I look forward to many, many hours of your company.

Anonymous said...

So, since you are now back in the US, settled in and doing well, is there any chance we will see more MTG blogs from you? I'm hoping so, because I always found your writings to be insightful and fun.

I regret to inform you that I believe I am done with Magic. Sorry about that. Unless I win the lottery and no longer need to work, I just don’t feel I will ever have the time to be good at it. And it’s not fun for me or my readers if I’m not at least adequate at the game.

Eleven said...

Sweet! Looking forward to (hopefully) regular posts (also hopefully) soon.

Me too! It’s been crazy. Hope to get more adjusted soon.

Tom Darling said...

I was clearing out my old gmails and found yours from when you got married. Went to the blog and found you're back in Vermont! Wow!

Welcome back.

Thanks Tom. It’s good to be back. I would love to see you and Cathy some time and catch up. You are the originator of one of my favorite quotes. Something along the lines of “Someday, all your precious memories and mementos will be sold at an estate sale for five dollars in a box lot.” It’s helped me clean out a lot of stuff from my closets…

Mr. Fantastic said...

Random question: any plans for playing the Boston area PTQs?

Sadly, no. See above. Which is a shame because I'd love to meet you.

Laurie from Indiana said...

Hi Jamie,

I spent the summer of 2011 in Madrid, and I'm planning on moving to Spain in 2012.
A friend of mine just bought me a copy of your book for Christmas. My heart resonated with many of the things you said you loved about Spain. Thanks for sharing your story.
Oh, I experienced a weird coincidence while reading your book. In one of the early chapters you describe a party in Madrid, and you list some of the names of the people there, including a woman named Candy. After seeing her name, I paused for a minute. Last year I bought a book about moving to Spain that was written by an American woman named Candy. As it turns out, my book is written by your friend! I could not believe it when I read about her wedding in your book. What a coincidence!

Anyway, I wish you and Wendy the best of luck in your new adventure in Vermont.

Thank you Laurie, I’m very glad you enjoyed the book. Candy was/is a good friend of ours and her book is the first one we grab when traveling around Spain. She’s a hell of a writer and a hell of a friend. We miss her. Best of luck in Spain!


  1. Welcome back, from Movarl of The Source.

  2. Jamie - welcome back to the states. Just wandering through your blog because it's been.. quite some time since I did so. Saw the "my wife is a spy part 3" post.. started reading. Thought to myself "this sounds familiar". Read the other ones. Went "OHHH" when you mentioned competitive intelligence, as that is what I do.

    We call ourselves ninjas, though.

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  6. Hey, Jamie:

    PTQ:s on Magic Online 11:th and 12:th of August.

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  8. You sure post on SCG a lot for being done with Magic Jamie.

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  10. Hey Jaime, just wondering what you have been up to. Seems like your updates went radio silent so to speak shortly after your return from Spain. Hope all is well.


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