Book Reviews

Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road: Humorous Views On Love, Lust, & Lawncare by Diana Estill.

I found this book advertised on another Indy book review site and thought it looked great. I needed something light and humorous to read and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It has thirteen reviews on Amazon, nine of them being five stars.

Some people compare her to Erma Bombeck and I have to agree. It’s too bad I’ve never thought Erma was that funny.

Both writers compose short, humorous vignettes. This book focuses on her husband snoring, lawn care, a short guide on understanding football and other things I thought I would find amusing. Sadly, I smiled once the entire time reading the book.

That said, her writing is actually excellent. You can see that she carefully crafts sentences. She really is a great wordsmith; I just didn’t find the finished product that amusing.

As an Indy book, I found it refreshingly well done, grammatically correct in every way and well formatted for my Kindle.

If you liked the comedy writing of Erma Bombeck, I imagine you will enjoy this greatly. For me, it was a bit of a miss.