Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rolling Along

Things are rolling along. Not very fast, but they are rolling along.

This weekend, Hilary, Michelle, Doug and I all went to the Planar Chaos Pre-Release in Montreal. None of us did well, but we had a great time. I got a great column out of it, had some steak and so much laughter tears were streaming out of my eyes at dinner. We didn’t go to win since you don’t qualify for anything, we just went to honor the release of Marilyn’s tribute card.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Much of the things I write about here have become food for my column at Star City Games. My column appears every Tuesday. Still have a lot of stuff that doesn’t belong in there that does belong here, so updates aren’t ending, just getting a little more sparse.

Plans for Madrid grow by the day. Right now I am reading Death and The Sun and it occured to me the writer’s not very good at what I do. Which is draw you in. The story of the matador’s life is interesting, but you care about what happens to him purely by the facts presented, not because the author writes in a way that makes you yearn to know more. He just reports the story. It then occured to me that I could write reviews of bull fights. Its common practice in Madrid for each bull fight to be reviewed in the next days paper. I could do that. I’m good at not only reporting what happened, but drawing people into the story and making them want to know more. Perhaps even look at bull fighting in a different way. Another way to make money in Spain.

I am going to try and get back on the Pro Tour this year. This surprises no one, but I am going to try and take my play to the next level. I want to see if I can get good enough to actually make money at the game. Now that I’ve proven (three times) that I can make my own deck and pilot it to a qualifying slot, I want to see if I can advance even further and make it on the graveytrain. This is when Wizards actually pays you to come to the Pro Tour and play. Even if you suck out, they pay you. If you place high enough to win money, that’s all gravy on top of the appearence bonus.

Or I was thinking I could become a bullfighter.

(Just kidding mom. Don’t panic.)

If I have enough time, I would like to get back into MMA. You can make money fighting if you’re good enough at it. I started doing MMA because I needed goals, and it was always something I wanted to try. I have stopped doing MMA for the time being not because I think I’m too old, or don’t like the bruises, or its too hard. I stopped because I have goals that are more important to me right now and they provide money, and I’m running out of time for packing for Madrid and getting my writing career off the ground, hopefully in the next year. If I have the time to return to MMA when I’m in Madrid, I will do so with relish. And ketchup. And probably blood.

Wendy and I continue to astound me. We talk for 2-3 hours a day and never seem to run out of topics. From how to play Magic, to next year’s plans to managing anxiety to global warming to lobster fishing, the over fishing of seas, Austrailians management of their coasts that has been profitable for the entire country but mostly the lobsterman. (An American lobsterman works 12 hours days and barely eeks by. An Austrailian fisherman works less than 8 and many are millionaires.) It’s never ending and so much fun. We miss each other a lot and look forward to the next month arriving.

Work is good. I’ll miss that job. My therapist is astounding. My attitude is fantastic. My housemate Doug is a wonderful boon. Wendy and I are amazing.

Life is good.

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