Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Thus Endeth The Holidays

Getting back into the swing of normal life.

Wendy has gone back to Madrid.

What a fantastic three weeks of drinking and debauchery that was. I get to see her again in only seven short weeks!



Last night was get back to normal life night. Talked with Wendy for only 20 minutes then let her go because she was exhausted from her trip home. Did four loads of laundry, wrote three pages for Star City, worked out, talked with Don, Hilary, Michelle, Mom and Dad. Delivered my Christmas present to Molly’s family since it finally got shipped to my house. (A Fooseball table.)

Planning on going to the “Planar Chaos” Pre-release in Montreal in a couple weeks. Gotta have material for writing and it seems only fitting. I hate pre-releases but I think this one is important. Michelle and Hilary want me and Rod to go with them so that the old Team Quarterstaff is reunited for the release of Timbermare.

Going to be practicing online for the Extended PTQ’s I’ll be attending in Montreal and Madrid this qualifing season. Going to start packing up Magic Cards, clothes, and other sundry things I’ll need and ship them to Madrid. Not bringing much with me. Don’t need much. Computer and clothes and cards really.

I think I’m putting MMA on hold for a bit. I’m still going to keep working out very hard, but right now I need to focus on Magic, writing about Magic, moving to Madrid, and outlining my novel. Just playing and writing about Magic can be a lot of time when you have a 35 hour a week job. Will be easier when I’m not working any more. Will try to get back into MMA then.

Almost everyone at work knows I’m leaving now. I get support and well wishes daily, and sadness that (and I quote) “The district is losing its most useful employee.”

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