Thursday, January 11, 2007


A friend on my boards wanted to know a few things, so I answered her questions and then thought, huh, I bet more than a few people are wondering this as well.

So, here.

“How long are you planning to stay in Europe for? Are you moving in with Wendy?”

I’m moving in with Wendy. We’re at the stage of our relationship where the next step is to live together and see if we kill each other or get along. If the answer is kill each other, I’ll be in Europe until then. Then I’ll be in jail. Or dead. If the answer is get along, I’ll be in Europe a long time.

“While you’re here, are you planning on visiting any other places? Like for example, England ?”

Yes. We have future plans to visit Ireland, Italy, England, and her parent company is in Paris so she goes there all the time. We’re planning on taking an overnight train to Paris in the future. So much better than flying.

“What are you going to do about getting a job? Presumably you won’t be able to work in Spain because you won’t have the right permit?”

I’ll be writing. I have substantial savings and Star City is paying me pretty well to help extend that. I’m going to try and get two articles a week in to them, and when not playing magic and writing about it, I’ll be trying to get Mare’s memoirs published and working on my novel.

“Are you nervous about such a big lifestyle change? “


"Are you keeping your house? Will you move back to Vermont some day? What are your long term plans?"

My friend from college, Doug, is living in my house and taking care of the dogs. The house and everything in it will remain here. Best case scenario, in a few years, Wendy and I will spend 3 months a year in Vermont and 9 months a year in Europe. This is contingent on my being a writer actually working out, and her business continueing to succeed.

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