Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cairns Unlimited

Lena and Stefan came over on Sunday for a goodbye party. Lena is heading to Vermont to teach at Middlebury College for the summer. She works for them here in Madrid during the rest of the year. We don’t know how Stefan is going to survive without her for 5 weeks. Those two are so in love its amazing to just sit back and watch them be together. We had fine German sausage cooked on our barbeque, fine german beer, sat on the terrace until the heat drove us inside and then watched some bullfights we had taped. We have plans to travel with them many days in the future. Ireland and Scottland in particular since they love it there and are eager to show us around.

One thing that was brought up this weekend was Steve Savage and Maria. They’ve moved to Australia and started up a business there that they need pimped. Check it out.

“Cairns Unlimited “Everything you need to know about Cairns , the Great Barrier Reef, and Tropical North Queensland !”

At the mention of their names and how much we miss them, we all agreed that we would visit them in 2009. 2007 is already packed for us. 2008 is packed for Lena and Stefan, so we made a firm commitment to go scuba diving in the great barrier reef in two years.

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