Friday, July 13, 2007


Actual quote - "Do you want to open up a bottle of wine, sit on the terrace and play some Magic?" - Wendy

Note - I gave her the White deck with the Serra Angels and she hated it. She played four games with it. Hated it! I gave her the Green deck with the Force of Nature and the Durkwood Boars and she likes it much better.

She looked through the decks I had made. All mono color. White, Red, Green, Black. I explain the theme of each one, illustrating this with cards in the deck like Force of Nature, Castle, Terror, Incinerate.

Wendy - "Aren't there five colors of Magic?"
Jamie - "Nope, there's only four."
Wendy - "But on the back of the cards it..."
Jamie - "Who is the Magic expert here?"
Wendy - "Well, you are but..."
Jamie - "Four colors."


  1. huh
    I think your Model is wearing to many clothes


  2. Man, I don't know why more women don't play Magic. Boobs are such an unfair advantage!

  3. Four colors!?!? Don't let him fool you Wendy.... there is one more color that is equal to other colors put together. He just has not been able to get past that fact for years!!


  4. hey guys,

    So I finally got back into Boston after a decade of traveling and then I slept for the next four days. Boston still hasn't changed, same old same old. We went to the North End (i.e. Italian section of Boston) and everything closed by 2. It was so annoying. Anyways, hope you guys enjoying Madrid and if you ever want to visit a Sushi place in Boston, let me know because I am already scopping the place for the best.

    P.S. The names of the games my brother was playing were Runescape and Diablo. Do those ring any bells?

    Un beso,


  5. Ironroot Treefolk! In multiples, nonetheless. Gah. Go spend 0.20 on some Blanchwood Treefolk.

    But of course back then at least the flavor text was truly worth reading...