Thursday, July 5, 2007

I hear "free" is good.

My premium articles from Star City Games remain subscription only for three months. Which means that this years early articles are now available for you to look at for free! Yay! You have to scroll down a half a page to see the beginning of any article you click on. Well, any one that is older than three months. You would be surprised at how much "not Magic" content is in these things. It's always been my style. Even knowing nothing about Magic, you can enjoy many stories in these.

Some of my favorites were -

Picking up chicks on Airplanes

Picking up chicks on Airplanes part II and How would you like to die today?

Spanish Food, Movies and whining about Blue

Philosophy Waldo style.

Next Tuesday, Bringing a Ham Leg to Paris becomes available. Don't miss it.

Also, let me point you to what I think was one of my better articles you might have missed that I wrote when Mare was in Chemo and I was reading Bill Bryson's "A short history of nearly Everything."


  1. I have to admit Jamie, that's how I've been reading all your starcity content.

  2. I was reading it each week (Tuesdays?) on the subscription page, then they disappeared. Probably about a month ago. At first I thought you maybe missed a week, but then several weeks in a row went by with nothing. Yours was the only thing I was paying Starcity to read. I dont think they ever put out an explanation saying what happened, but I know you mentioned on this site that they decided to drop you :(

  3. I find it ridiculous that they drop u like that!:(
    I read other stuff there too, but I was overjoyed every time I saw one of your articles. It was always worth the read.