Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Joshie - "John, we broke down by your house, hop on your quiddich broom and get over here and help us out."

If you are mystified by the above sentence, I updated yesterday's entry in the afternoon. Go read that and it will all become clear.

The first two weeks back are very busy. I should be updating with more content next week.

I continue to fail at sleep.

I was up at 6:45 this morning after going to sleep at 1:30 am. I tried for 90 minutes to get back to sleep but the brain would not stop it's cacophonous litany of things it thought I should get up and do.

I do not feel well today.

Yesterday was hours spent at Lulu trying to fix "The Quest for the Pro Tour" upload and failing. The site went down for maintenance then my computer froze a couple times. I uploaded the manuscript, found some errors and had to do it again. Repeat that sentence twice more. When I finally got it right, it just sat and spun at "converting" until I finally gave up in disgust after two hours of working on it.

I still have nothing to sell you.

Soon my lovelies. Soon.

Would I be a whore if I shouted "Support the King of the Fatties!"

I think so.

It's okay, all writers are whores.

I think. Haven't I heard that quote somewhere...

You know what this blog needs? More white space... (green space?)

Coming soon, as promised, a lecture on "A Life Worth Living" wrapped around a book review for "Replay." Also, a Tenth edition Magic review. And, soon, a huge gamble will be taken on this site with a new idea called "Wakefield's Paladins" an idea I have been toying with for a decade and will finally try to make a reality. Wanna be a Paladin? Me too. Check back later.

In other news, I just checked out the latest tournament online for Time Spiral Block. The format used to qualify for Pro Tour Spain. Guess what color was in 7 of the top 8 decks?

I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Green, Black, Red or White.



  1. Jamie, when are you going to start writing Magic articles again? We all miss them.....?

  2. Hey,

    If this is the same Paladin idea we discussed on the gaming boards, I say go for it, I loved the idea then, and I still love it now.

    I do think one of the steps should be: Fly to Madrid, find Jamie Wakefield and punch him in the chunk for taking so long to implement this idea.


  3. Anonymous - Not sure. Joshie and I are starting to play a little bit again so I hope to have something about Magic soon.

    John - Punch him in the chunk? Where exactly is my chunk? And yes, it is the Paladin idea we were discussing.

  4. Jamie...how Psych'd are you that Overrun is in 10th? What are you doing with it?

    I am eagerly awaiting your new tech!

    If I was not getting married in Sep, I would donate to your casue like my firend Bob Young did. maybe when my wedding is over I will be able to.

    What is this "wakefields Paladin's" you are talking about and how do I get involved?

    Looking forward to more great stuff!


    Benjamin Wild

  5. Mr. Wakefield (aka Druss),
    This is Bob Dole thee Penius. JFK and I were talking about the oldschool days not too long ago and had tried to find some of articles you wrote for The Source. It seems they no longer exist on the web and we were wondering if by chance you still had access to any, specifically ones that pertained to us! If not its perfectly fine, we just wanted to reminisce for awhile about the Yanshi days. My email is LukeDuggins@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.

  6. Jamie, I'd like to offer you a little challenge...

    Pretend that you were in charge of choosing Blue cards for the current Core Set. Show what you'd do to make Blue something other than the soul-destroying horror that it looks like now.

    A while back, I did my own little "reinventing Blue" exercise as part of coming up with a fantasy 9th Edition set... the concept I had for Blue was that its fundamental mechanic, rather than would be "taxing" - achieving a tempo advantage by making the opponent waste mana. Also, Blue would have a distinct weakness in an absence of finishers; it would never get a creature with power greater than three.

    This is the card list I came up with; it's dated, but it still shows what I was aiming for. (Note that the only hard counters in the set are Memory Lapse and Voidmage Prodigy.) It's a high-powered list, but my other colors were pretty strong, too.

    1 Hapless Researcher U C
    2 Escape Artist 1U C
    3 Spiketail Hatchling 1U C
    4 Thought Courier 1U C
    5 Wall of Tears 1U C
    6 Vedalken Mastermind UU C
    7 Glacial Wall 2U C
    8 Horned Turtle 2U C
    9 Man-o'-War 2U C
    10 Skywing Aven 2U C
    11 Glowing Anemone 3U C
    12 Alexi's Cloak 1U C
    13 Boomerang UU C
    14 Convolute 2U C
    15 Frozen Solid 1UU C
    16 Hoodwink 1U C
    17 Mana Leak 1U C
    18 Memory Lapse 1U C
    19 Phantom Wings 1U C
    20 Sleight of Hand U C
    21 Telling Time 1U C
    22 Unsummon U C

    1 Waterfront Bouncer 1U U
    2 Cloud Spirit 2U U
    3 Puppeteer 2U U
    4 Wall of Air 1UU U
    5 Azure Drake 3U U
    6 Thieving Magpie 2UU U
    7 Spiketail Drake 3UU U
    8 Breakthrough XU U
    9 Compulsion 1U U
    10 Concentrate 2UU U
    12 Curiosity U U
    13 Persuasion 3UU U
    14 Sigil of Sleep U U
    15 Standstill 1U U
    20 Syncopate XU U
    16 Telepathy U U
    17 Traumatize 3UU U
    18 Wash Out 3U U

    1 Rootwater Thief 1U R
    2 Voidmage Prodigy* UU R
    3 Temporal Adept 1UU R
    4 Clone 3U R
    5 Mistform Ultimus 3U R
    6 Azami, Lady of Scrolls 2UUU R
    7 Arcanis the Omnipotent 3UUU R
    8 Bribery 3UU R
    9 Diminishing Returns 2UU R
    10 Delusions of Mediocrity 3U R
    11 Evacuation 3UU R
    12 Force Spike U R
    13 Parallax Tide 2UU R
    14 Propaganda 2U R
    15 Rising Waters 3U R
    16 Show and Tell 1UU R
    17 Twincast UU R
    18 Zur’s Weirding 3U R

    For comparison, here was my Green:

    1 Diligent Farmhand G C
    2 Llanowar Elves G C
    3 Bloodline Shaman 1G C
    4 Canopy Spider 1G C
    5 Joiner Adept 1G C
    6 Quirion Dryad 1G C
    7 Seeker of Skybreak 1G C
    8 Horned Troll 2G C
    9 Rib Cage Spider 2G C
    10 Squirrel Mob 1GG C
    11 Trained Armodon 1GG C
    12 Brawn 3G C
    13 Nantuko Disciple 3G C
    14 Spined Wurm 4G C
    15 Charging Rhino 3GG C
    16 Craw Wurm 4GG C
    17 Fertile Ground 1G C
    18 Gaea's Embrace 2GG C
    19 Giant Growth G C
    20 Harrow 2G C
    21 Muscle Burst 1G C
    22 Naturalize 1G C

    1 Wellwisher 1G U
    2 Simian Grunts 2G U
    3 Viridian Shaman 2G U
    4 Hunted Wumpus 3G U
    5 Blastoderm 2GG U
    6 Squirrel Wrangler 2GG U
    7 Silverback Ape 3GG U
    8 Spitting Spider 3GG U
    9 Creeping Mold 2GG U
    10 Dense Foliage 2G U
    11 Elephant Guide 2G U
    12 Fecundity 2G U
    13 Living Terrain 2GG U
    14 Lure 1GG U
    15 Night Soil 1G U
    16 Squirrel Nest 1GG U
    17 Regrowth 1G U
    18 Wing Snare 2G U

    1 Sylvan Safekeeper G R
    2 Priest of Titania 1G R
    3 Caller of the Claw 2G R
    4 Forgotten Ancient 3G R
    5 Erhnam Djinn 3G R
    6 Maro 2GG R
    7 Deranged Hermit 3GG R
    8 Silvos, Rogue Elemental 3GGG R
    9 Thorn Elemental 5GG R
    10 Plated Slagwurm 4GGG R
    11 Verdant Force 5GGG R
    12 Symbiotic Wurm 5GGG R
    13 Early Harvest 1GG R
    14 Enshrined Memories XG R
    15 Heartbeat of Spring 2G R
    16 Might of Oaks 3G R
    17 Natural Order 2GG R
    18 Overrun 2GGG R

    Yep, both Natural Order and Verdant Force. ;)