Tuesday, July 3, 2007


So I bought Vista.

Being a computer tech, I am qualifed to give you my unbiased, knowledgable review of this new operating system. I hope this doesn’t get too technical for some people.

It sucks.

Don’t buy it.

And I'm not the only one that thinks that.


Listed there are many of the problems that I have had. I have a 9 month old machine so I'm very capable of running the OS with all the bells and whistles, without having hardware so new that Vista doesn't have drivers for it. Despite this, I have had random lockups, shut downs, apps that just disappear, apps that won't run at all, security headaches, and no matter what DVD burning software I use, all that happens is I destroy a disk, making it unreadable or writable AND the machine crashes at the end of the burn.

It's just not sexy.


  1. I've got vista on my laptop, it crashes after about 10 minutes of Warcraft, guaranteed. I love how Microsoft says Vista is great for games. I will be sticking with XP on my desktop for as long as possible.

  2. Jaime,

    Considering that Microsoft does not even use Vista internally because it is not even compatible with their development tools...I consider you a brave, brave man. In my tech shop, we are not even letting customers go with Vista yet. Maybe next year...around this time. Maybe. Anyway, this is old friend Chris Meyer dropping you a line to say hello. Yes, I have been reading your blog...and you actually got me back into Magic. Not necessarily an interesting story, but it is a story. Drop me a line if you like -


    Take care of yourself and I hope you stay well.

    Chris Meyer (of Olde QStaff)

  3. I've been running it on my tablet for about two months and (knock on wood) it's been pretty solid. Definitely no worse than XP but with better sleep functionality - much better.

    Having said that, I loaded it up on a couple of other systems - some of my techs were running it - and they had horrendous experiences.

    So I guess I'm torn - it works great for me, and in a sense it reminds me of OS/2 - once it's properly tweaked it works great, but getting to that point is an utter nightmare alot of the time.