Monday, July 9, 2007

Well, I was wrong on some of my predictions for UFC 73.

I didn't have the patience to wait and steal it from U-Torrent so I actually paid for it the next day and Wendy and I layed on the couch and watched it.

Dear UFC,

You have WAY too many fillers, fluff and dead air time in your programs. Seriously, I don't know if I will ever buy another one. If I do, I'll tivo it and fast forward through all the shit you put me through while waiting to get to the actual fights.



The fights pretty much sucked. I bought the card because I was looking forward to a lot of the match ups. Too many of them weren't even shown. Two of the ones were corrupted in streaming download from the UFC Direct to disk site. Apparently Kenflo had a nice victory we didn't even get to see. Never saw the Lytle flight. Nor the Gurgel fight. Nor the Bonner fight. Not that I carred about that last one anyway...

The fights I did get to see were boring or confusing.

Sherk is an amazing athlete. Amazing conditioning. Also the newest most boring fighter ever. This guy is more of a blanket that Rashad and Koshcheck combined. Sure he won but Wendy and I were booing right along with the rest of the crowd. Take some lessons from Diego or Tito and learn how to finish... Wait, strike one of those names...

Tito's fight with Rashad was one I was on the edge of my seat for. I said to Wendy about 5 times during the build up of the fight "Please God let Tito win."

What a coitus interuptus that fight was. Holy boring and unsatisfying. Tons of build up with no pay off. Disappointed in both of them.

As for Marquart vs Silva, I don't understand why the fight was stopped. Maybe my corrupted video was just too much to see at that point, but it didn't look like a good stoppage to me. I could be wrong. I am happy Rich gets a chance to avenge his loss, and he will avenge it, mark my words.

The Heath Herring fight was just annoying. Heath could of scored the upset and acted like such a dumb shit he handed the fight back to Minotauro and lost a decision. Not that I wanted Herring to win, I didn't, but it's just frustrating to see a guy inches from finishing and not take advantage.

It wasn't, but it looked like a work. (A fixed fight.)

The rest of the day was watching The Ultimate Fighter 1.

Today - a lot of work. Did some excellent work on "Marilyn's Story" of which I still haven't settled on a name yet, poll coming soon. As mentioned previous, reworking the original blog to be more of a story not random updates. After dozens of hours of work I'm up to page 80 of 168.

That's it for today. Wendy and I are going to go watch the running of the bulls we taped this morning and then some more of TUF season one.



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  1. I disagree about the Tito fight, I was so in the moment when he had the guillotine on and was choking the guy unconscious, that I had no idea the bell was going to go. Nobody else in the room I was watching the fight at had sense of the time either, when the bell rang saving that guy from losing, there was a collective sigh let out in the room. It's too bad that happened and then it's too bad the guy finall came to his senses in the final 20 seconds of the last round and managed to pull out a draw.

    You didn't miss anything with the Silva stoppage, that was pure BS and that ref needs to go back to ref school. Amazing they don't stop Shirk but they stopped Silva.

    You missed a very nice Florian fight. The guy looks like a scrawny junior high student but he kicks ass like Russel Crowe in Gladiator.