Thursday, August 2, 2007


Comments have scrolled off the page but I wanted to answer many people.

Rodney said...
Wakefield you are a collectors nightmare. Are you trying to drive down the price of Tournament Reports! ;0)

I hate collector’s nightmares. Like Marvel and DC. With their 37 versions of Superman #1 and Teen Titans #1 ad nauseum. Man I hate that. There should be ONE “Superman” that numbers into the thousands.

Anyway, I didn’t do that. :-) I renamed it. And sadly, the price of Tournament Reports dropped from 100 bucks to 30 in the last few months. I don’t know why. So, you’re not losing much Rodney, honest. :-)

Benjamin Wild said...
Were you excited to see a Mono-G deck in the Top 8 at US Nat's? I was blown away when I saw it.

What concoctions do you have brewing with Overrun?

I was more amazed than excited. With all the cheap elimination available right now, a creature based strategy seems risky. Of course, his deck smartly capitalizes on so many untargetables in the format right now. I think this number of untargetables is unprecedented. I once made a deck with Creeping Mold, Pillage, burn and untargetables. Deadly Insects, Autumn Willow, Jolreal Centaur I think. Combine that with the amazing Treetop Villages and hasty Insects and Timbermare and you can see the beauty of his creation. So nicely done. Nice to see Timbermare in winning decks.

Overrun combines nicely with untargetables or in a deck with a lot of tokens. There’s some excellent things to explore in both of those areas. Since I do my testing online, I won’t be able to experiment with it until the sixth when Xth is released.

Did you know that a sail boat will sing to you when you found just the right wind. the whole vessle thrumms. It is a bizare and fascinating sound/feeling.


Yes I did know that, having just finished “The Perfect Storm.” Stay safe out there when you go out. Tell me, did my life changes have anything to do with what you’re doing or is this something you’ve been working on for a while?

Now I'm at EA, making more scratch, seeing more of the industry and growing as a person, not to mention growing a family. Good on you Jamie. Life doesn't change for the better on it's own. You've got to actively work to make it better.


Yes. You certainly do. Sometimes fate grabs you by the hand and pulls, but if you go or not is what makes all the difference in the world. Congrats.

kade said...
Very inspiring. Indeed.

By the way, I missed you on Madrid Regionals last weekend. You should have come, it was fun. Lots of Red decks in the top tables (as well as Islands I am afraid). Forest were there too.
I almost made it in but I was outplayed on the final match. Not enough testing.

Hope to see you soon in a tourney.

Sadly, I had to miss it. Regionals was so late I was back in the states by the time they happened in Madrid. Congrats on almost making it. Trust me, I’ve been there. Three times I’ve been in the top 11 and never in the top 8.

If I was not getting married in Sep, I would donate to your cause like my friend Bob Young did. Maybe when my wedding is over I will be able to.

What is this "wakefields Paladin's" you are talking about and how do I get involved?

Looking forward to more great stuff!


Benjamin Wild

Congrats on the impending nuptials! Bob Young was very generous. I sent him a thank you note and let him know he was the first and I’ll remember that. Paladins were supposed to be up today, but instead we’ve gotten involved in family stuff. Amazing how many things and people I have to catch up with after being away for six months. Should be up tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep enough great stuff here to keep people interested. I have a lot of ideas so I hope they’ll keep people coming back for more and linking to me. Thanks Ben.

Mr. Wakefield (aka Druss),
This is Bob Dole thee Penius. JFK and I were talking about the oldschool days not too long ago and had tried to find some of articles you wrote for The Source. It seems they no longer exist on the web and we were wondering if by chance you still had access to any, specifically ones that pertained to us! If not its perfectly fine, we just wanted to reminisce for awhile about the Yanshi days. My email is Thank you for your time.

Well Luke, just like the last time we met, you sent me on a merry chase. I went looking through my archives trying to find some stories about you, but they seem to be lost. I still have one place to look but right now, it’s a no show. You did get me to read some very old writings about Yanshi : Darktide and some old battles and conversations with guildies. Man I miss that game and those battles! My God nothing has even come close in a video game to those days! Longing for PVP I logged into WoW, ran around (slowly) killed someone 2 levels lower than me and felt hollow. PVP WoW <> PVP AC. It’s just… boring. Its too bad.

You two were some of the finest opponents ever. You killed me a hundred times more than I killed you, but finally getting revenge and finally getting a win atop the Yanshi Armory roof was such a terrific joy. And then to hear you say “Nice Fight” and chat for a bit was just too cool.

Good times. Good times.

You two were great opponents and added a lot to the game.


Good travels and I hope you keep reading.

Doug S. said...
Jamie, I'd like to offer you a little challenge...

You’re challenge is going to take some time. :-)
I loved the green list. Very well done and thought out, and of course, you won me over with both Natural Order and Verdant. Two great tastes and all that.

Going to have to get back to you on the rest.



  1. Huh
    The answer to your question took me 3 pages.

  2. As if I could ever part with either of my copies of Tournament Reports...(although a guy I know offered me $75 for one a couple of years ago...when I see him next I will send him your way.) and being the collector that I am... I most likely will pick up "Quest for the Pro Tour" myself. Gotta have every version! (I must have like 27 X-Men #1 the special super ultra cover and its variants...all worth at least the quarter I paid for them ;0) )

  3. and made me make a blog and all sorts of sappy BS
    Thanks Jamie you turned me into EMO Mizu

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