Monday, August 6, 2007

I finally had to cave.

So I get home and sign into a computer I hadn't rouched in six months. Let's see, first thing I have to do is transfer my writing and pictures over from the DVD I burned in Spain.


Neither of my computers has a DVD drive?

I network Wendy's laptop and get the files off her DVD drive. Okay, that's one problem solved. Lets check some email. huh. No Yahoo messenger installed. Install that. Wow, look at all the emails. Okay, that was fun catching up, now for some WoW. Download updates for 2 hours. Whoops, don't have Burning Crusade on this computer, lets download that for another 2 hours. Whew. Done. Play for fifteen minutes and decide to watch some Magic replays. Download updates for 2 hours. Okay this is getting old. Wow, look at all the islands in the top eights. Lets browse the web for a bit. Okay, my bookmarks are ancient. Lets fix that next.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few days I noticed what a pain in the ass it was to be using Wendy's extra laptop on the road, a desktop in Madrid and two desktops at my house. The coordination of data was a nightmare.

Being a struggling unemployed writer, the obvious solution was to buy a new laptop. Eating is for sissies anyway.

Having recommended them to many other people who had all loved them, I ordered an HP Pavillion DV9000T. I went for the 2.2 processor, 2 gigs of ram, 140 gig HD and the Nvidia 8400m.

And then of course, trying to avoid a nightmare like the one I had just described above, I had to relive it all again when the beast came in.

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  1. A palidan would have a shiney new laptop... its for the greater good.