Monday, August 6, 2007

The Stash

Told Lorelei I would post a picture of my new goatee.

That's me in my new birthday shirt my sister gave me. Sitting next to me is former lover, lead singer of the Horsetraders, and childhood friend of The Beautiful Wendy - Deb Brisson. We're at Amigo's having dinner and Deb is singing there tonight. And a wild time was had by all.

Want to see what I looked like the last time I posed with Deb?



  1. How many years between pictures was that?

  2. Bloody hell Jamie, you look 10 years younger!!

    Seriously, you are looking great. You look better in that first picture than I've ever seen you before.

    And you look really happy too. Awesome :)

  3. Thanks Alice.


    The second picture was taken almost exactly one year ago.

  4. HOLY CRAP! Wendy needs to have her own makeover show. You look totally amazing Jamie! Great work! You look exotic, thin, tan, and I love the new hair - on your head and face! Wow!!

    Great job!

  5. You look like a country signer.


  6. So Jamie......what is the secret to your success with the weight loss.....its a dramatic change.

    Congratulations on this success!!

  7. Dude, please stop trying to look like me.


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  9. This is totally unrelated to, well, the picture, but how nice has tarmogoyf turned out? Have you played with it much? goyf, warhammer, cloak, troll, solifuge, + cards = some fun.

  10. Thanks Lorelei. Wendy was thrilled with your comment.

    John - Takes one to know one.

    Ben - Whole Wheat instead of White. Subway instead of McDonalds. Fish 4 nights a week. Rowing machine, running and excercise bike, whichever the mood calls for.

    Dave - I look nothing like Earl. PS, update your website.

    Anonymous - Tarmogoyf has been a fantastic card in Gruul and Zoo, not so hot in mono green.

  11. Crikey, you're half the man you used to be, mate!

    Well done, and congratulations. You must be staying away from the chorizo frito...