Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

Because YOU demanded it!

Who are these mysterious people named "The Intern", "Lena & Stephan" and "Collette" and where are these mythical places like "The Lake" and "Brignoles?"

The Beautiful Wendy and our intern "Albina" from Albania (not kidding) pose on the terrace. We miss you Albina and think of you often. Good times, good times.

Lena and Stephan beat the heat this summer at Wendy's childhood home on the lake. (The cervezas helped a bit too.)

This is the horror of Brignoles. The pool. The view. The deck chairs. The sunset. It was Hell I tell you. Hell! Don't ask me to speak of it again.

The Beautiful Wendy with this evenings appetizer course. We had a feast before the feast every night while we watched the sun go down and discussed fascinating topics like "What do Americans really think of the French?" Ummm... Well... "And what's up with Freedom Fries? Do you know how funny we French thought that was?"

I don't have a good picture of Mathieu but this one of Colette dancing and singing with Wendy isn't bad.