Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Various and sundry answers

Matt – Have not read that yet. I, and the people reading the comments, thank you for the recommendation. I always need something new to read.

Doug – I am. I’ve read a few of his books including "Guards! Guards!" And his collaboration with Neil Gaiman “Good Omens.”

Doug – Thanks for the update. I didn’t realize that Seething Song had rotated out. It always amazes me no one plays Dragonstorm in Extended. I remember buying all the cards for it long ago, played it two or three times and never again.

Chris – Wendy and I watched it just the other night. She was annoyed for hours at the judges giving the fight to Bisping. We like him and Hammil (well, we did anyway) from TUF and didn’t care who won as long as it was a good fight. Both of us were pissed at the judge’s decision.

None of the people I thought would win; won. I thought Hammill would destroy Bisping. I thought Henderson would maul Rampage and I would have bet on Crocop to hospitalize Kongo.

Houston Alexander? Yeah, he’s an animal all right. I saw him destroy Keith Jardine in the first round. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone hit that hard. It looked like a video game. The guy is ripped like the Hulk and seems to have a rough time stopping when the fight is over. Roid rage maybe? He can stop himself when the ref tells him to stop, but he always looks like it’s a supreme effort of will to do so then he stands over his opponent glaring for 2-3 seconds before moving off. I expect big things.

Nick – I don’t think I’m going to make it to PT Valencia. I was hoping to but it appears it’s not in the cards. Good luck there.

Steve Savage – Love you and Maria's blog. Bryson made me salivate to go scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef. Lena and Stephan and Wendy and I are coming to visit you and Maria in 2009 and do just that. The pool? Yeah, Wendy and her intern set that up. This year we have gone through three pools since the first two struck a leak. Helps escape Madrid summer heat though.

Mizu – Bite me. And update your blog more.

Collette – Thanks for going to bat for me. That was some good mutton!

PS – yes you are. :-0

Chris – I agree with your constructive criticism. I can spin a yarn but the spelling and grammar always trips me up. I try to catch as much of it as I can, but the skills aren’t there. I have two books I’m reading to try and fix that. If you would like to edit the manuscript for “Quest for the Pro Tour” I’d love that and would send it to you.

Dan – Strider was our color hoser? Holy God, that’s awful.


  1. Loser I update more than you do

  2. I would be happy to proof anything you send my way.

    The first thing that caught my eye on QFTPT was the quote from "Thomas Guervin" on the inside page. Tom was at my draft table for US Nats '04 and I remembered it as Guevin. Then I saw it both ways later in the book. Minor nitpicks though, it was a great book and a fast read. I would have devoured that thing in an hour had I discovered it in 1998.

    Save my email for when you get your next manuscript ready to check out - xegpal@hotmail.com

  3. Matt Hamill shirt:


  4. If you publish another, edited edition of Quest for the Pro Tour (which I bought), could you add a table of contents?

  5. Mizu - Over one specific week - maybe. Lets see if you can keep up over the long haul.

    Chris - Awesome, thank you.

    Chris - Thanks for the link, I was pretty siure I knew what I would see when I went there. I saw it on Sherdog. Great stuff.

    Doug - You got it.