Monday, November 5, 2007

Excuse me while I go insane.

Life with Wendy is never boring. This weekend we took the train (I now hate every single person that works in Atocha train station) to Segovia and I was blown away by the town. The cathedral that took over 150 years to build, the walls of the city, the parks and pathways, the castle and the Knight Templar's church that once held a piece of the true cross. My voice recorder had thirty-seven notes waiting to be transcribed before we even left, and now it's stuffed with ninety-one. So much to write about concerning that town. I'm now determined to take my folks there. My mom would weep at the cathedral.

Today I started classes at a new school.

Last Wednesday was my last class at International House, and then Mario "Superman" Washington took me, Wendy, Daniel and Amelie out to dinner. Tonight, Collette is in town and we're going out to dinner at a restaurant that has beds instead of tables.

So much to write about, all while trying to learn irregular stem changing verbs.

Good long post coming sometime this week.

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  1. mmm Christian (and probably ever other religions) artefacts. How many churches lay claim to having Jesus' foreskin? 3. Chances that any of them are more than 1000 years old, low.