Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So, Magic?

I haven't looked at anything Magic related for a while, but feeling the need to game. Thought I would explore what's going on today and read a few articles and watch a few episodes of "The Magic Show" by Evan Erwin. Then I happened to see a little link on the other side of the screen that said GP: Krakow top eight. Awesome! They'll have the latest decks. Llorwyn was supposed to be killer for Green, lets see how its doing!


7 base Blue decks, 1 Green/Red deck.

Think I'll go do my Spanish homework...


  1. I've been drinking at home and trying to play Lorwyn sealed and draft. It seems good, but everyone always gets better shit then I do, even when I get a planeswalker.

  2. Well, a (mostly) Green deck won Worlds, surely THAT must cheer you up a little :)

  3. Not to mention that at worlds there were virtually no blue cards in the top 8!!

  4. Green is really strong at the moment, especially paired with black, in either aggro or aggro control varieties.

    And Cloudthresher is a house, just like you predicted. Come back Jamie, we miss you.