Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So. What are you up to? - Joshie

Joshie sends me an email asking that and I decided I would post the answer here as well.
I've been meaning to finish my Spanish school dialogue but it needs more work. I wrote 4 pages yesterday but it just doesn't have the funny. I think tomorrow I'll do a UFC predictions for this weekend, and then the next day try and finish the Spanish diaries.
What have I been up to?
I do Spanish 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Homework takes about an hour. Then I do flashcards for an hour if I can summon the willpower. I'm in a great new school that I'll tell you about later. Will be there until I come home for Christmas.
Wendy has a new project that keeps her busy all day and on a tight schedule.
In the early evening we run - three times a week. A few times a week Wendy makes us a gourmet meal (she is a fantastic cook) or we fend for ourselves. After that we watch television or read or talk about how much we hate American politics and discuss things we've read online or in "Time." Currently we're watching Ultimate Fighter season 6, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Dexter and Buffy season 4.
Not playing any games right now. Canceled my subscription to WoW and haven't played a game of online Magic in probably two months. It's class, homework, run, read or view the tele.
On the weekends we either take a trip to a beautiful Spanish town, go to the Retiro, work, visit all our favorite restaurants for tiny meals at each one (tapas essentially) or lie in bed and watch TV for a day.
Goals right now are study more, work out more, and transcribe 91 notes from my recorder that taunt me every day.
What are you up to?
Tell me in the comments.


  1. ummmm....working 24-7 for over 2 weeks now. Donkeys are coming up next week...That is about it! Found out Euphrosyne is haveing 5-6 puppies in 2 weeks!! Hope they are healty!! I will still beat the "challenge"!!!

  2. Working, walking the dog, ferrying Izzy to ballet/swimming/gymnastics. Usual stuff.

    I've taken up a sport called racquetball, you play it on a squash court. A nice indoor sport for winter! Playing that 3-4 times a week. I'm also getting ready for Christmas - I am making Christmas pud and mincemeat and spiced apple chutney.

    Oh, and dealing with broken computers - both my home machines have died in new and interesting ways. NTLDR is missing... oh the joy :)

  3. Moved into the new house and sold our old one. The new house isn't complete, but coming along everyday--travertine marble in the upstairs bathroom, vessel sinks, cool touches. Kingfishers, herons and two payful river otters play in our pond on a regular basis....I'm working 4 days a week from 5 and loving that....I was also approached by a publishing company that read one of my "Vermont Magazine" articles and they've asked me to write a book on regional historical locations for them, which I will do by a May 15th deadline. It won't pay a lot, but the books they produce are beautiful, the writing will be interesting, and it will be a good notch on the writing resume belt....had my first book signing and reading for the story I have in "A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers" and was viciously (verbally) attacked by a fundamentalist Christian woman with 13 children who chastised me for wasting my energy writing about and caring about "souless creatures" like animals. She followed up with a 6 page handwritten letter which she delivered to my school further bashing my Godless ways (!!!) Ah! Gotta love it.....check in at least a couple of times a week here to see how you're faring--sounds like you are SO happy. I'm glad. Hey, this was meant to be short. Not so much, eh?

  4. UFC prediction - Houston via Prison Style Beatdown.

  5. Looking at Boats.
    Cleaning the house for sale in the spring.
    Reading about weather patterns and how to clear customs in the Bahamas.
    Work is here but im mentally checked out.
    I make the donughts. but they are computers instead.
    Using Rosetta stone to get started on speaking spanish.
    I am hating my place in the world so depression makes me sleep about 4 hours more a day.
    So after that not a lot of time.

  6. Work, work work at The Nature Conservancy, Saving the world one tree at a time, writing, writing, writing in the evenings. Studying the nature of the Universe - learning the difference between flat, negative and positive shaped space, and Terri and I are reading children's books to each other at night in bed or discussing our current writing projects together. She's got a mammoth play currently called "TLC" about two women in love in the British Isles at the turn of the (last) century. Sometimes I horde away children's books written in Latin and try to make a date to meet with other friends who are trying to learn ancient latin. TV? They still make those? We're watching Stargate SG! from the beginning - currently starting on season 4 - and I regularly download Stargate Atlantis. Watch The Office through Netflix "watchnow" once in a while to remind me how sane my office really is - Read your blog to see what other folks are up to in the world - Think about actully getting together with friends for the Holidays - My nephews are now almost 21 and 16 which makes my head spin! - Exercise? What IS that? I walk to work. Walk everywhere. Sometimes I dream I take the energy to go to a contra dance... Hope all is well with you!