Monday, January 7, 2008

The Couch

Thank you all for the input, looks like I’m sticking with plan one. Classes resume tomorrow.

Have I told you about my new couch? It’s very Joey and Chandler.

As detailed a couple entries ago, Wendy and I worked on my house this visit stateside and got rid of two couches and needed a sectional to replace them. We stopped in at a place my folks recommended “Bub’s Barn” (funny huh) and I fell in love with the first two we looked at. One of them was a brilliant green, the other a sickening brown, but both very comfortable. The green one had recliners WITH cup holders at each end of the sectional. I sank into one blissfully and extended the feet, looking at her with a mix of joy and eager anticipation.

“Cup holders are tacky.”

Oh. Damn.

We spent a good portion of that day stopping in at six other furniture stores and looking at what they had. None of the other places had anything that caught “our” eye. I saw one sectional that put the green couch to shame with more recliners, cup holders and bigger everything. And at the bargain price of only twice what the first one cost! Again I sank into it and reclined with a big grin on my face.

“We’re not getting recliners and cup holders so stop smiling.”

In the dark lizard recesses of my brain I thought “You can be replaced…”

We returned home that day empty handed and discouraged by the thought that even if we did pick a couch, it had to be ordered and wouldn’t arrive for six to eight weeks. So we wouldn’t even benefit from it until we came home in the summer.

The next day we drove back down to Boston to pick up Wendy’s Visa. On the way home we discussed many things. Even on a four hour ride to Boston with the radio off, we never run out of things to talk about. She'll explain to me the intricacies of practicing Law in New York or the latest findings on Super String thoery and I'll tell her why I like pie or Why Superman is so much cooler than Batman. It all works out. One of today’s subjects was couches and Bub’s Barn. Because Bub’s Barn had the cheapest and best sectional we saw. And, it was a floor model, which means that we could have it in “as soon as they can ship it” time.


And a large portion of my brain thought about Beautiful Wendy and decided – You can stay. Merry Christmas! (Left to right - Doug, Joshie, Heather, Hilary, Michele, Beautiful Wendy, Deb, Leigh.)


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  2. Glad to hear your trip went well. We had to couch shop when we got to Idaho--nothing makes a salesman more happy than to have 4 kids checking out the couches!! Doug, Hilary and Michele all look good, but is Hil getting grey hair?? (thank goodness for a good hairdresser--the rest of the world may never know!!) Happy 2008!!

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