Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm sick.

I returned to classes Tuesday and was informed that Madrid has been hit with a plague. Many students and teachers out last week. The lovely Montse (our teacher) talked at length of the malady, eventually drawing a man on the board with liquid coming out of both ends.


Wednesday I started feeling like I was going to hurl in the middle of the afternoon class. Deciding I would rather be trapped in a bathroom at home than at school, I left class early and came home. Stomach was upset most of the day but made it through with no liquid coming out either end.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling fine. Went to class and half an hour in started to feel woozy and fluey. Had to blow my nose every two minutes. Made it through the morning class and skipped the afternoon class. Wendy made me some Theraflu and I dropped into a deep slumber on the couch. I woke up and didn't know who or where I was for about thirty seconds.

Now - answering email and updating the web site (You call this an update Wakefield?) and going back to bed. Was hoping to talk about the return and Three King's day and how Christmas is Halloween in Spain with candy, costumes and all.

Next time I guess.

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