Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Debate Continues

Rickb – I agree that Obama is more electable. If he is the democratic candidate, he has a better shot at winning the White House than Hillary does.

I just don’t think he can do anything once he gets there. I think he will try to do bi-partisan politics and get kicked in the head for it. I don’t think Hillary will go that route. She knows the republicans don’t want to work with democrats. She knows the ins and outs of Washington much better than Obama.

Mizu – “Clinton is a name I equate with a lot of prosperity. But Obama represents youth and vigor.”

Obama talks a great fight and if this was a perfect world in a perfect time, I would vote for Obama in the primaries. I’m not about “I hope he does well” right now. I’m about doing what is needed to make America great again. I’m not going to pin my “hopes” on someone young and idealistic; I’m going to choose the candidate who I think will do what needs to be done.

Chris – Same. I like Obama a lot. If he gets the nod, he’ll have my full support.

JoeG – Yup. Huge mistake. A lot of good people mistakenly voted for that war. I’m dismayed that neither of the candidates is saying that they would pull out troops immediately.

JoeG – I agree with almost everything in that video. I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that “voting to fund the troops” is that much different than supporting the war. Not funding the troops was one of the things dems brought up last year as a way to try and get them home. And, sadly, I’m so bitter that bringing up republican politics and Reagan in any sort of positive light gets under my skin. I’m a bad bitter man, what can I say. Other than that, I see the other side too. He didn’t say Reagan was great or that republican policies were great as the Clintons implied. However, comparing that to Carl Rove’s tactics is a bit much. Rove has gotten people elected by saying there opponents had illegitimate black children in the south and used a whisper campaign to insinuate that an opponent had been charged with child molestation. I really don’t think the two compare. Obama and Clinton have had a pillow fight compared to tactics Rove has used.

Honestly, if I was as idealistic as I was 15 years ago, yes, I would vote for Obama too. He’s young, charismatic, says unpopular things because he stands for them, and doesn’t pander much to anyone. I love all that and would be proud to have him as my president.

In the same vein, I like swords. Swords are cool. But if I’m going to a gunfight, I’m not bringing a sword. No matter how cool swords are, guns are better. Aesthetically less pleasing perhaps, but in the coming years, I would rather America be led by the smartest, most experienced person. America is in dire straights as far as I'm concerned. Obama is a knight weilding a sword and people are lining up behind him cheering. Filled with hope. Thats a great thing. Hilary is an evil genius with a rocket launcher.

I wish Obama all the best. I just think Hilary will be able to accomplish more thanks to her experience and attitude. Obama will try to reach across the aisle and will waste valuable time doing so. And it will get him nowhere. I think he'll spend his first two years in the White House learning the lessons Hillary already learned.

Dan – another critical issue. We need great health care now. A system that won’t pass the house and senate and doesn’t cover everyone isn’t going to do it.


  1. Ninjas use swords. Pirates use guns. You know who wins.

    America is sick. The Democratic leadership have been enabling bad policies for years now, and they need to go. Hillary is part of that leadership, and expecting real fundamental change from her is to experience disappointment.

    I don't like the Iraq war. I don't like the US Tax structure. I don't being spied on by my own government. I don't like what is being done to Iraq veterans. Impeachment off the table. None of this will change because the people who enabled the current state of affairs include the Democratic leadership. There is too much dirt on everyone's hands to actually expect change from these jokers.

    I don't know if Obama can shake Washington up enough to get these things to change, but I will hope that he (we) can. -JoeG

  2. I think you're right that Hilary would make a better President than Obama (though I think you overstate your case - it took guts to accuse Bill Clinton of lying and Obama's shown he's good at responding to attacks).

    But I don't see how she can possibly win. Obama using language of bipartisanship doesn't mean he would be bipartisan but that he is capable of saying the right things to win over Republican voters. George W Bush used the language of bipartisanship during elections - I'd like to see someone argue he was bipartisan!

  3. Here's the thing: Even if Hilary would be more effective than Obama (which I don't believe to be a given, but what the heck), if he can get elected and she can't, who's a better choice?

    It's much more effective to have someone in the White House and have them struggle to get things done (Obama, bipartisan approach) than not to be in the White House at all (Hilary, unilateral approach).

    I'm not saying Hilary can't win but I think it's a much tougher route. I think she (or her team) has greatly underestimated the level of animosity toward her among many in the country. Most Republicans won't vote for her no matter what - many Republicans seem to like Obama.