Wednesday, February 6, 2008


First, go here.

When reading said comic I turned to my beautiful Wendy and said "wasn't 'Wrath of Khan' great?"

"What? Is that a Star Trek movie? Don't those suck?"

I sighed deeply. "It's over" I told her.

She begged, I relented, I'll stay until tomorrow when we watch it and she tells me its one of the greatest films ever made.

If not...


  1. It only has the greatest hero moment in cinema.

    It's funny you mention this too because I was thinking about Wrath of Khan the other day and how I need to have Heather watch it.

  2. The even numbered ones were the best. This is a fact. Khan, being number two is the first and greatest Star Trek film.

    Or do you think traveling to the center of the universe to fire lasers at and kill god is better?

  3. No, I just think Kahn sucked. But I was never a original Star Trek fan. I think Shatner was an over acting blow hole.


  4. Kinga (hoping Wendy is not pissed at me)February 12, 2008 at 8:54 AM

    Just out of curiosity: has anyone *ever* encountered a Star Trek fan that was not an American male?
    I am of conviction that this curious attribute is strictly limited to American (ok, Canadian too, same difference ;) guys... (and its not like it was shown only in North America)

  5. The brits have Dr. Who and the steam punk genre to swoon over.

    The japanese have Gundam and other mecha. There was actually a japanese minister that was fired because he spent all day updating the gundam wiki.

    We have Star Trek and Star Wars.

    I don't see what's so strange about it.

  6. Good point. But believe me, for anyone who does not obsess, collect, memorize lines etc. of a film or television program, it *is* very strange ;)