Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Links Galore!

My friends Michele and Hilary have started doing comic reviews for the web site "Crucial Taunt." They're well written and worth a look.

Michele is also doing the Cancer Relay again. Click here to read her page and please donate.

Excellent comprehensive look at Hilary vs Obama. Obama comes out ahead, but very enlightening for both candidates.

Some Joe Rogan videos. Joe is an actor, comedian, former world TKD champion and announcer for the UFC. He's a bit blunt to say the least. None of these are work safe. Lots of profanity and adult conversation.

On Bush and Rednecks. Really not a good video for those of you who like Bush and Rednecks.

Joe Rogan on Fear Factor.

Joe Rogan on Brokeback Mountain.


  1. maybe you should put a link to this awesome comic review site that your friends have?....

  2. Pretty sure that's the first link...

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  4. Read you regularly, but we are comming up on a month since your last update.

    I am happy for you, as that means your life is going great, but I do look forward to your next post.