Thursday, June 5, 2008

San Jamie de los Pajaros

I've always wanted a picture like this.

And now I have it.


  1. I think the bottom bird is trying or an armbar. Watch out.

  2. So your plan was:

    1. Move to Spain
    2. Raise bird army
    3. ???????
    4. Profit!

  3. Yeah and you dont look gay or anything.


  4. I cliked 3 for you, curious to see what happens.

    I love you colloumn and read it regularly. In fact I am even seriously thinking of throwing some money your way. If you knew me you would know that does not happen very often.

    So what is the best way to contribute to the blog? I see the pay pal donate button but I am not quite sure where the money would go.

    You have chosen to ask for money this month (sort of, which is fair, even when I do not contribute I do not mind being asked). So can you go the next step and outline what the other options are to contribute.

    Thanks for the wonderful stories.

  5. Bobby - those birds loved me. although, I do think they would have armbared me for more seeds.

    Joshie - very funny.

    Lggins - Blow me. And not in a gay way. :-)

    Anon - Glad you're enjoying the stories. I need feedback like that to keep going. Any way you want to help out is great. Clicking links goes to me. Buying Quest for the pro tour goes to me. The paypal link goes directly to me as well. It's all good.

    Hoping to have Mari;yn's story up before August and I hope people will buy that and I can get an agent through it.

    Cheers all

  6. I cannot believe it's been over 2 decades since we met, Jamie! However, I read your blog this morning and realized why I love you so much (and not in a straight way)! You have a wonderful heart and spirit. You are lyrical, thoughtful, introspective, and yet fun and zany. You are the hardest worker I have EVER KNOWN! and You keep metamorphosing (is that a word?) right before my eyes. You are an inspiration. The mere fact that you feel like the dumb shit in the room but keep coming back to more attests to your strength of character (Is that charisma in D&D) Yes, and even after dating and being married to a zillion people who play D&D I still can't remember 'da rools!' You also reminded me this morning why my blog might actually be of interest to others out there, because they way you discuss game playing reminds me of the way I talk about theater. It all applies. Enjoy your week!!! Hugs to you and Wendy.