Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy New Year!

Damn right it's a new year. A new start. A new hope. Happy Obama Day!

Yesterday started out with me celebrating with lots of blood as new aparatus was put into the bottom of my mouth at the dentist's. He had a packed schedule and needed to fit me in so he didn't have time to be gentle. As I arrived he shook my hand and said "Great day for America, huh?"

"Yeah. We're very excited."

"Great day for the whole world actually."


(While I am filled with hope, I still wish Hillary had won. Obama continues to try and reach across the aisle while the number one question on most American's mind is "Are you going to pursue criminal charges against Bush and his cronies for his many misdeeds?")

HBO wins the "dick of the year" award for buying the rights to "We are One" the Obama inauguration concert and then not letting anyone post it online or allowing countries other than the US to view it. You can't view it from Spain. It checks your IP and tells you "Sorry, only for Americans." (Unless you're a computer guy like me and can find a work- around.) Which is bullshit considering this is a world event and the whole world wants to celebrate. It is available from their website if you live in the US and then it streams it in a small box that you can't pause, rewind or make full screen. We watched it anyway and it was inspirational. I was moved and enjoyed it far more than I would have thought. Wendy cried.

We then went out to a Democrats Abroad Inauguration party at the Inter-Continental Hotel which had dinner and open bar for four hours and met up with Lena, Stefan, Strother, Benjamin, Alana, JB, Sue and many others. The company was excellent and we had a great time. The paella sucked, the "band" (and by band I mean a woman singing bad seventies songs with a tape deck to back her up. No band.) sucked but the boiled ham, atmosphere and drinks were excellent.


  1. Hallelujah! The messiah has arrived!

    I noticed an increase and traffic on the messiah's first day in office, and at first I thought - What? I thought with Obama in office there would be no more traffic! Then I realized it must be because of all the new jobs that were created earlier that morning.


    Miss you Jamie.


  2. Oy...the last comment ommitted my expression of enjoyment, and many laughs, of your blog. Keep the words flowing, mi amigo...


  3. HBO sucks. I'm assuming you used a proxy to watch anyway, so good job beating the system. Fight the power!