Thursday, January 1, 2009

"I love you like a hamburger."

This is the amazing gift The Beautiful Wendy gave me for Christmas. You can tell it's a real Capote because it stands up on its own. The thing weighs about forty pounds.Isn't she hot? She takes a good picture, right?

I'm totally going to kick ass at this years Capea since I'll have time to practice some passes and get a feel for where to choke up on it. I'm very excited.

I got Wendy a ring. Did you know emeralds are more expensive than diamonds? At least that's the way it seemed with the shopping I did. The prices on the emerald rings were out of my league. I started out wanting to get her a ring of her favorite color, a sort of red/purple and then stumbled on a beautiful emerald ring that reminded me her eyes were green. And it was in my price range!

Been trying to get back to this for days but not time. No time today either.

Maybe you can guess the reason for the title of the post. Its from a popular book we both just read. And it was awful.


  1. is it pink? It looks pink in the picture.

  2. I'd say it's more of a fuschia, really :)

    That is definitely one of the cooler gifts I've seen in a long while.

  3. Looks pink to me! Jamie is going to be the cutest Matador at the bullfight!

  4. Too cool. I have a feeling that 2009 will be an excellent year for you two.

  5. Jamie, you left the picture out of you with the bull horns on, charging at Wendy. Roar!

    Yes, I agree. Jamie will be the prettiest Matador in the Arena.

    Actually that Capote is pretty awesome.