Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I hate Windows 7

Apparently, I am one of the few.

It doesn't appear to be any faster than Windows Vista so I have no idea why everyone says it is.

It's as much as a memory hog as Vista. With almost nothing in my start bar my memory says it is 41% used up. In fact, when I just went to check that number, the gadget that is supposed to be on my right hand side of the screen is actually missing. It didn't load on startup.

Many programs don't work. My Iphone wouldn't sync. WoW refused to start saying that I needed a newer version of DirectX. Hidemyip won't start at all. Utorrent wouldn't work, I needed to switch to Bittorrent.

I couldn't download programs from websites. When I tried to download bittorrent it would get to 99% and stop. I tried random programs from all with the same result. I had to reset all my cookies and internet settings in order to get downloading to function again.

The way the taskbar works now is insane. All my Internet Explorer windows open under one icon. If I have seven windows open, you would not be able to tell looking at my taskbar. All the windows are under the icon you use to open them. If I want to look at my already open Word document, it's under the word icon at the bottom of my screen. Have I opened it already? Who knows! Click the icon to check if you have zero or ninety word documents open.

Folder's won't open. I have two folders on my hard drive that won't open at all. "Internet Explorer has stopped working, checking for a solution to the problem" whenever I open those folders. I did a disk check yesterday that took two hours and I still cannot open those folders without the whole computer locking up on me.

There is no longer the option to set up your start-up menu like Windows98. You have to have it set up like Vista's default option. Which sucks.

Can't be activated. Whenever I try to activate my beta copy it tries communicating with the server and then tells me the operation timed out. Which means this thing is going to stop working entirely in ten days.

This website doesn't even work. If I want to see the picture of Todd doing the red carpet over the shoulder pose, I have to click on a blank space where the picture is supposed to be, and then it shows up.

No uninstall. I'm going to have to reformat my hard drive to set things right again.

I'm used to having SOME things not work in a beta, but the number of things going wrong with this is insane.


  1. Honestly, I think Windows 7 is just Vista in the Emperor's New Clothes. I wouldn't expect anything terribly different from Vista. I know that I still prefer either XP or Win2003.

  2. If you're interested in just comparing OSs and just checking things out, give Ubuntu a try. I like what little bits of it I've used.

  3. Dear Joshie,

    Your friends love and care about you.

    Please get off the crack.

  4. I'm still on XP. You couldn't pay me to adopt Vista. GL with the reformat.

  5. Wow...horrible suckiness. And here I thought being too lazy to not use Vista was the worst thing ever.

  6. hey wakefield , its nick , and not just that piece of glass missing from , well , your glass. but nick hodgdon . hope things are well for you , been trying to read your rants here and its sounds like you are having fun, i hope so . drop me a line will you at , so i can have your email address please:-}hope to ttyl .