Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank You.

For those of you who have responded with feedback about "Marilyn's Story", I want to say "thank you." Most of you say the same thing and that is the advice I have taken. The story has been changed based on your feedback and it's clearly better because of it.

I am approaching agents (again) this week and I think some of your comments really demonstrate why they should represent me. Other people's words sell me better than I can sell myself. They hold more weight. I just feel so good about this work and your comments mean so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to read it and taking the time to write feedback. It brings me confidence and joy.

Self publishing is still an option. The book publishing industry is in a spiral right now, but I am hopeful. An agent and a publisher is still the Holy Grail but there are other options. Right now, "Quest for the Pro Tour" will be republished under a company owned by Amazon so it will be listed there, which is not half the battle, it is ALL the battle.

I continue to hone my craft of magazine article writing but have received no more acceptance or rejections since the last time you read. I am still batting .500 but I have a lot of articles out there waiting for a yay or nay. Every time Yahoo alerts me to a new email I get excited... but no, just more porn spam. Sigh.

In other news - After countless hours searching we found me a new coat. No, we didn't buy the one in the Corte Ingles for eight hundred and seventy-five Euros, thank God. The one we did buy we could have bought five more copies of it and still not matched the price. I think we checked six stores before we finally found one that gave Wendy a twinkle in her eye when she looked at me.

"That is a hot coat."

I don't buy anything unless Wendy gets that twinkle in her eye that says "You look hot. Take me now or lose me forever." (Ten points to whoever can name what movie that quote comes from.) I dress for her and only care that she desires me in what I wear. Oddly enough, this was the least expensive coat we found, but is of thicker leather and better construction than all of the other coats we saw. This is a man's coat. I could ride herd in a blizzard with this coat. Every time I put it on I feel like I need a horse and a cowboy hat. Maybe a gun. And a swagger.

I love it.

All I need now is some black-hat to insult the town whore and I'll bust him in the mouth.

That was Saturday. Sunday was Wendy's birthday party and the participants are still recovering. We would have liked to invite twenty people but our table is only so big and we like to host. As in, here.

We bought some Lagavulin for the event, a Scotch-whisky that was introduced to me by my brother in law "Prince Todd" a man I am an endless fan of. My nickname for this drink is "Smoky-Peaty." It was a huge hit at the party and people could not stop telling me how great it was.

Benjamin summed it up thusly - "It tastes like I'm sitting in a log cabin, a roaring fire in the hearth with Strother curled up in my arms on the couch."
Me- "With a snowstorm outside."
Benjamin - "Exactly."

It is like nothing else I have ever tasted. You sip it very gently and it warms you all the way down and leaves a smokey, wooden, ashen, caramel fire in the back of your throat that is incomparable to anything else.

Filed under random things I feel like telling you, I slept like a drugged monkey on Saturday night. I haven't been sleeping well; don't know why. I was under the ocean that night I was so deep. My subconscious went on a binge, I had dreams that were wild and insane. My brain was starving for this it had been so long and I woke up in a pile of drool with a halleluiah! Sleep at last, praise the lord sleep at last!

Sunday night Wendy tells me I got out of bed and started punching the wall, then moved over to the window and punched that, hard, twice, before she could stop me and get me back into bed. I have no recollection of such an event and asked her "Really?" three times before I could believe her.

Last night I was awake from three to six a.m. before finally falling back asleep. (I read mmajunkie.com, looked at lolcats and leveled my enchanting in WoW, the first time I've played in months.)

It was hard to get started today because of that, but I have had an amazingly productive afternoon and know that this is the year I get a book and many magazine articles published.

Thank you all for your support.

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  1. Hell batting .500 is good. It will just get better as you publish more articles! And I believe the movie is Top Gun. Although I thought the quote was more "Take me to bed or lose me forever." Bonus: It was Carole(?) to Goose!

    Keep up the writing!