Monday, March 16, 2009

Sorry, I'm busy. Or lazy...

There is a thing going around Facebook right now which is a note called "25 random things about me." Everyone fills it out and you get to learn more about your friends and former classmates. I've enjoyed reading other peopls's notes and finally did one of my own. It garnered a good response so I thought I would post it here for those people who don't use Facebook or aren't one of my friends on that site.

For those of you who have already read this, sorry. I'm transcribing over four hundred notes from South America this week and really need to get them done so I don't have time to do an original update.

And the add image button isn't working either...

Life hasn't changed much. Still doing private Spanish lessons with Montse, have a dentists appointment at four today (yay) and hoping to get a run in. Wendy has a new intern here for two months so we're back to three beautiful professional women at the end of the house while I sit here in my comfortable pants and a Woody Jackson dog t-shirt, unshaven, trying to become a writer. So stereotypical. And my check-spelling button on this site isn't working so, excuse me if there are any errors.

1. I was married to Marilyn Whitaker for twelve years. She died of Ovarian Cancer after a short eight month struggle. That eight months was Hell.

2. My favorite color is black… no Green! AGGGHHHHHH!!!

3. I once invaded Darkness Falls with only six people and managed to kill the princess, all three princes and made it to the chamber of the Behemoth.

4. I worked at The Middlebury Inn for five years. First as a bellboy, then front desk, then night audit, waiter, bus tour guide and eventually manager on duty. It was a both a nightmare and one of the most enriching experiences of my life. It is the only job that I still have nightmares about to this day.

5. I love the UFC. I have taken mixed martial arts classes and even competed in a submission wrestling tournament at the age of forty-one. (Picture high school wrestling where rear naked chokes, leg locks and arm bars are allowed.)

6. When The Beautiful Wendy and I finally get around to getting married we are planning a three day festival of games, dancing, drinking, food etc. One of the games I’d like to play is Army Magic. I don’t think that’s going to work though – The last time we played we had thirteen people around the table and the game lasted eleven hours.

7. Of the three counselors I have seen for anxiety, each of them has told me I need to be easier on myself. That I push myself too hard and that’s what’s causing my problems. I told them I didn’t have time for this shit, I’m going back to work.

8. I used to play video games with my wife for fourteen hours every Saturday and Sunday for eight years in a row. We would log on at seven in the morning and play until past midnight.

9. I never left North America until I met The Beautiful Wendy. In the three years I’ve known her we’ve been to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ecuador and Columbia. I had no idea how much I needed that.

10. I once ran 8.8 miles in a snowstorm. It was at college and I was upset over a girl. (Carla Fuchs I think.) Who finally accepted a date with me my senior year in college and I broke it to be with an ex-girlfriend I really wanted to be back together with. And that didn’t happen either.

11. I actually like Rick Astley. When someone “rick-rolls” me, I’m very happy. I get up and sing and dance. A-ha too. And Billy Ocean. And especially, Abba.

12. Before I met Wendy, I woke up in the morning and thought about life “Is this all there is?” I wake up now and think “Gotta get going, so much to see, do, experience visit, write about, taste, etc before I die.”

13. I don't believe I have ever been happier than I am right now. Life continues to amaze me with how much it continues to get better ever single year.

14. I have read “Legend” by David Gemmel eleven times.“Legend” is a story only a man could love. The greatest warrior the Drenai have ever seen arrives at the fortress, Dros Delnoch, at the age of sixty so that he can defend and die against an army a million strong. He dies. Despite this I am a big girl and love Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and almost every romantic comedy I have ever seen. (Love Actually, Two Weeks Notice, Juno, Once, etc.)

15. I have a BFA in Writing. Not English; not journalism; writing. And my grammar is still at about the sixth grade level. It’s embarrassing. (Did I spell “grammar” right?)

16. I have one published novel that has five stars on Amazon, have been contributing editor for an international magazine and been paid two hundred dollars weekly for a column at a web site. I used to receive on average seventy-five emails a week in response to the column. Right now I’m unemployed and have been rejected by seventeen literary agents. Hot, right?

17. Like Henry from “Time Traveler’s Wife” I have panic disorder and need to run every week or I get… screwed up. Bad. It’s not pretty.

18. I had a C- average in High School. I failed so many classes in my senior year I almost didn’t graduate. In college, I was on academic probation for the first semester. Being a business major sucked. I switched to writing and graduated with a 3.14 average.

19. My family “matures” late. I was 5’3 when I graduated High School and the first person to walk down the aisle (being the shortest boy in my class) at graduation. In the year I took off before college, I grew eight inches and put on sixty pounds.

20. I wrestled all four years of high school and the first two years had to gain weight to be considered a 98 pound weakling. I was consistently about third to fifth best in the state but never, ever won a tournament. Which sucks.

21. I have braces at the age of 43. They suck ass. I am swallowing blood as I type this.

22. When I was in High school, I wore slippers (even in Vermont winters) and a fedora to school for two years. Right now, I just went out to get beer and Doritos (in Madrid, in February, at night) in my slippers.

23. I am a democrat and extremely liberal. Despite this, I still love John Rizzo in a totally non gay way.

24. My girlfriend is, by far, the smartest person I have ever met. Reed Richards would feel stupid if he met her.

25. I once qualified for the Magic Pro Tour using a mono green deck. True Story!


  1. Secret Force FTW!

  2. Slippers? Eyebrow raised in an interrogatory fashion...

  3. What is army magic?

  4. "I never left North America until I met The Beautiful Wendy. In the three years I’ve known her we’ve been to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ecuador and Columbia. I had no idea how much I needed that."

    Hey Jamie, I can't believe you've been living for so long in Spain and haven't visited Portugal yet.

    I've read with joy your old Secret Force stories and it's only fair that I show you some of our sights and flavors.