Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh yeah, now I remember...

A friend asked me in an email a few minutes ago if I had read Stephen King's "On Writing." Which reminded me of what I meant to post earlier. (Heart still going 120 beats a minute sitting still. Oddly, the only thing I feel like doing is posting here.)

I know that some people get rejected 200 times before getting a three book deal and sucess. I don't mind the rejections...wait, that's not true... I think I mean, I accept the rejections and they don't surprise me. It comes with the territory.

I loved "On Writing" when his wife pulls his manuscript out of the trash and he submits it (Carrie) and gets a two hundred thousand dollar contract.





I won't print his name here but,since I'm such a free-writer these days, I have to let out this stream of thought. Honestly, I would like to vomit my entire brain onto this website. Do you know what makes a writer? Someone who HAS to write. Right now, I cannot write enough.


I have two friends who have talent that is world class.

One of them is a singer who was once asked "Will you do what it takes to become famous? Lose some weight, dye your hair, pretend to be perky, sing crappy pop songs that mean nothing?"

No. Not interested. Accept me as I am or shut up.

She had/has the voice. Her friend's know it, I know it, I think she knows it. She's happy being a programmer who sings as a hobby.

As a writer who will pretty much prostitue himself to become successful in my chosen field, this attitude confuses me, and as has been explained to me - "Let it go. It's not what they choose."

I have another friend (The one who just emailed me) who looks like Ethan Hawke and is an actor. Except, he is six foot five and so muscular he could kill the Hulk with one punch. I think he benches like... I don't know... What would be the weight of seventeen Jamies? Math is hard.

Whenever he tries out for a part in a play, they give him the lead, or, if he chooses, whatever role he wants. He recently played Gaston in Vermont's most prestigious stage company's production of "Beauty and the Beast." I'm told many people were pissed. Long time actors who were jealous. It was his first time auditioning for them and they gave him, essentially, one of the lead roles. Many people consider this stage company a stepping stone to Broadway or Hollywood.

In his first time ever trying out they gave him a lead.

What is more impressive is that I know if he had said "I would like to play Belle" (Beauty) they would have said "Whatever you want. Usually that role is played by a woman, but hey, whatever you want. You are so great, you can play the goddamn candlestick if you want, just please, be in our show."

He is happy with his success and pretends it is no big deal. It's just a thing. He likes to act. It's fun. He doesn't like the drama, the attitudes or the stardom. He's having fun. Which is great for him.

But like my singer friend, I think both of them could be players on the world stage, and they choose not too. And I don't get that. And as has been explained to me, that is just fine. I value their decisions and I love them both as two of my best friends. They amaze me.

I don't get it. But they amaze me.

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