Monday, June 15, 2009

"There is no way you won with Mono Green."

That's what she said to me over drinks the other day. Even though Wendy has only played seven actual games of Magic, she couldn't believe I qualified for the Pro Tour with mono Green.

"No way. Really? I have to know how you did that."

So, lucky you, "Quest for the Pro Tour II" will be coming your way.

That fictional conversation sounded so much funnier when I wrote a little note on my iPhone to announce it that way...

Actually, my incredibly supportive girlfriend thinks it's a good idea just to get my name out there as much as possible and liked the results of the poll I did the other day. Which amazed and thrilled me. I have always wanted to write (and by "write" I mean "collect old material into" a second book) but figured, why bother? I'll spend a hundred hours collecting, organizing, checking, polishing, then sell a couple dozen copies and make thirteen dollars and fifty cents for my efforts.

It will be a labor of love. You know who my favorite author is? Me. I love to go back and read my old Magic writings and chuckle at the good times we used to have. The hilarious things Joshie and Alan used to say. The philosophy, rants, book reviews and random morals I threw in as flavor. It's like a movie in my head reading all of that old stuff. From the work I did today, I already know the book will be divided into a few parts. Like, the evolution of my style, Secret Force and actually qualifying with it, a chapter called "Philosophy", a chapter called "Rants" and a chapter called "Lesbian Porn." Should get some extra buyers on that last one...

I'll see what I can do to spice it up, make it cohesive, and also use it as a way to lead into Marilyn's Story, and at the same time my travel memoir about moving to Spain so people might want to continue reading about adventures with Jamie.

It will be a labor of love - with cheap advertising.

In other news, "Courage Made Flesh" has been dropped as a title for Marilyn's memoir, universally hated by all and transmitted to me through comments on the site, email or even verbally letting me know the title is awful.

About a million other things to talk about but out of time for today.

Does anyone on this site read my thoughts on MMA other than Chris?


  1. I always skip the MMA stuff.

  2. I also skip the MMA stuff, unless there is a funny story embedded in their somewhere.

  3. My son has started kick boxing, I actually watch it occassionaly on TV, and I too skip the MMA stuff. Too deep for me.

  4. I read everything, I just don't find the MMA stuff worth commenting on as I know very little about it.

    It is always a pleasure to read what you write though. Thank you for your writings over the years. You were the reason I first started having a premium account over on Starcity.

  5. That's awesome. Play Magic again.


  6. I always read the MMA stuff, just have no clue what it is about

  7. You writing for Star City was the reason I opened a premium account over there, and you leaving Star City was the reason I canceled my premium account.

  8. I'll chime in on the "You writing for Star City was the reason I opened a premium account over there, and you leaving Star City was the reason I canceled my premium account" as well as the "I always skip the MMA stuff". And I would definately consider buying "Quest for the Pro Tour II".

  9. I like the MMA stuff. It reminds me of how much of a wimp I am.

  10. MMA = Cool. Long-time part-time stalker of Jamie Wakefield here. I was rather surprised you liked MMA. That's good! :)

  11. I would buy the second book because i loved the first one!