Thursday, July 2, 2009

How can it be July 1st already?

Time flies.

Funny conversation this morning on IM.

Jamie: My penis just grew an inch
Wendy White: yes?
Wendy White: what's her name?
Jamie: I fixed the towel rack and I'm not even bleeding!
Wendy White: excellent
Wendy White: you didn't do it with the ham knife did you?
Wendy White: I would think that would be key
Jamie: lol, not this time.

Between Dentist appt's, Psych appts, blood tests, brain scan and traveling around in Spain for more days than we are home for the month of July, it is going to be a busy month.

Work continues on Quest II. I finally defeated the dreaded L00001 error MTG:Online has been giving me for two months and was able to log in and watch some games. So far I've seen a lot of Bitterblossom fairies and a lot of elves with a guy costing SEVEN mana being played who allows you to draw a card for each creature in play. Some good. No Verdant Force, but with that 7/7 flash anti-flyer monster (Thresh-something) Green looks to be pretty strong with some nice fat.

And Holy Cow do I have a lot of rares! Soon to be trade stock.

It will be a slow process though because, as I said, we're on the road more than we're home this month. It's going to be spectacular but not very productive. My goals are to lose nine pounds, get Quest II and Marilyn's Story both available in soft cover and Kindle form by the end of August. (Self published but available from Amazon.) I think that's doable. I'd like to see some live Magic when I'm in the states if I can find a tournament (and time) this August and get some writings up here about the current state and my feelings about the game.

Don't have much time to write, but did want to tell you about a fantastic book Wendy found called "Born to Run." I will be buying a copy for my sister, brother and father. It is a story about man, Nike, Ultra-marathon's and the greatest runners of all time that are disappearing from the planet.

My sister will enjoy it because she just finished her first marathon this spring and runs like a gazelle. Fast, often, and far. My father and brother will like it for the hunting aspect.

See, we survived because we can sweat. Because we can actually run an animal so far that it will eventually collapse with exhaustion. Most animals cannot sweat. They pant. They have to stop running to rest or they will overheat and die. The human body is a water and air cooled miracle that can run prey down. Like a tortoise and a hare race, we can't catch a gazelle in a straight out sprint, but give us three hours and we will win.

What the author explains is that running is NOT bad for your body. That we, as a species, survived because we are such good runners. That the foot is actually such a well designed piece of engineering, that cushioning it in soft plastic gel is actually what is causing all the running injuries people get. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it's all explained in the book.

There are a dozen different directions this books goes in. From the above already mentioned topics, to an examination of the Ultra-Marathon culture and people running through Death Valley, to the advantages of running barefoot, to a race of people in Mexico that will spend the entire night drinking corn beer, have an orgy, then run twenty-four hours. Without rest.

The writing is not captivating. (Sorry man.) The author is a professional magazine writer and he does his job well, but I wouldn't seek out his other material. His style doesn't grab you. The subject matter on the other hand, is endlessly fascinating. It makes you want to run. I ran today.

I recommend the book to anyone whose interest is even mildly tickled by my description. It's a good book and Wendy and I both enjoyed the subject matter enough to spark some great discussions. Plus, neither of us could put it down so that's saying somrthing.


  1. Do they mention Dean Karnazes (SP?) in the book? He is an ultra marathoner and genetic freak. He will wake up at 3am and go for a 40 mile training run. I think he has a documentary coming out about him and I plan to rent it whenever it hits the stores. You and Wendy should train for and run a marathon. It takes a few months but it's worth it, and I am sure there are some great marathons in Spain, or you could fly over to Greece and run the original.

  2. He does mention Karnazes in the book. I think you can buy his documentary from his web site already. The first book I read about super long distance running was his actually, "Ultra Marathon Man."

    Two of my goals before I die are :
    1. 100 pushups at one go.
    2. Run a marathon.

    I run regularly but usually only 3-4 miles. Today, in the spirit of the book I am waiting until the middle of the afternoon to run. It's supposed to be 95 degrees today. I'd much rather go for a run in the mornings but it's only 82 now. A couple more hours of writing and then I'll go.

  3. Would love to get your sense of the newest set in M10 - where green is at now and what they've done with blue. Pre-releases are coming soon!

  4. I'd also like to hear your opinions on the new rules. I like some but are reserved about others. I'm not sure in the long run they'll make much of a difference, but I like that combat damage no longer uses the stack. It makes green a little stronger and tricky colors like red and blue a little weaker.


    p.s. I'd to add you to my buddies list on MTGO. My user name is redcat1



  5. @ Jamie

    Re: goal of 100 pushups at one go.

    Try this program:

    I'm working through the program myself!