Monday, July 13, 2009

It needs a new title.

My friend Chris McMahon has been doing editing for me on Marilyn's Story and just sent me the latest changes. I have to look through Lena's comments and then Wendy is going to read the final copy for one last look for mistakes and then I'm publishing it. It's been a long journey.

It needs a new title. "Courage Made Flesh" is unanimously hated. Hopefully one will come to me as I look it over these last three times but any suggestions you have are appreciated.



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  1. I for one think that "Courage Made Flesh" is a great title. But maybe it's just because Akuma has always been my favorite Street Fighter character and in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Shin Akuma introduces himself as "Power made flesh." So it strikes a chord with a fellow gaming fanatic like myself.

    Maybe you could tack on a subtitle, like "Courage Made Flesh: the struggle and journey of Mare Wakefield." Just a thought.