Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watchmen just isn't big enough.

I haven't finished it yet, so excuse me for my premature ejacu-reaction, but it doesn't feel right to me.

There are problems and the first that strikes me is not that important, but the one I just watched, so, yay, you get to hear about that first.

Rorshack is in prison. He is threatened in the food line by a large man with a shank who wants to add Rorshack's "autograph" to his shank. Rorshack kicks his ass and badly burns him with hot fryer fat and then proclaims to everyone watching -

"You don't understand. You think I'm locked up here with you. You're wrong. You're locked up here with me!"

Sorry, bad directing. This should have been a tight shot of Rorshack's face screaming this line as security restrains him. They should have shown other terrified prisoners. They should have shown that Rorshack was a danger to them. They should have shown that Rorshack was special, dangerous, intense, mad and someone to be feared.

What they showed was bland. It was Rorshack delivering a line. He delivered it well. But the camera didn't do a close up of him. It didn't show the reaction of the other prisoners. It didn't show... anything. It showed a line delivered from the comic. Which, in the comic, you can imagine all of that.

As previously stated, I have not finished the movie. So far, I like it; with reservations. The skin tight lycra is wrong. In the comic, it is clear that Alan Moore is trying to show men dressed in costumes and how ridiculous that is. They aren't supposed to be "superheroes" they're supposed to be guys dressed in, sometimes, ill fitting tights.

And the ultra-violence is just insane. I can handle such images, but Jesus! a lot of people can't and will be turned off by the slow motion breaking of limbs, the blood splattering from wounds and the bones sticking through skin. It adds NOTHING to the movie. Hell, it detracts from it.

More later after I finish it, but the Rorshack scene of him splashing the guy with hot fat was just so poorly done I had to write about it.

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