Monday, July 27, 2009


"Never compromise. Not even in the face of armageddon." - Rorshack.

I have always tried to live my life by this standard, and yet, it is impossible and unrealistic. Nice thought though.


I have found the Watchmen movie - moving, emotional, wonderful, terrrible, awful and fantastic. I don't understand the choices the director made in making the movie ultra violent, sleek, super-heroic and... something it is not.

I found parts of it beautiful though. The entire sequence of Jon turning into Dr Manhatten was... stunning. Beautiful. Perfectly translated. Dan being impotent without his costume was also a perfect translation of the comic.

Other parts fell short for me. The change to the ending was... a mistake. It made no sense to me. The original Alan Moore ending made more sense. The sleek, skin tight costumes made no sense. Rorshack both worked and was a change.

It's very late. I wish I could sleep.


  1. I think "Watchmen" is the "Blade Runner" of the early 21st. I think the gore is unnecessary but, we'll see it come to be a true classic and influential as "Blade Runner."

    Anyway, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong,


  2. I never read the comic so could someone bring me up to speed on the female superheroine in the yellow and black? I get that her mom was the first then the daughter was the second, but in some places they call her Silk Spectre (I think) and in others they call her Miss Jupiter. Whats that all about?

  3. Doug not sure it is the Blade Runner of the 21st century. Only time will tell. Chris her name is Laurie Jupiter, her costumed name is the Silk Spectre.

    As for me... well I really enjoyed the movie. Overall it was quite a ride. Snyder did Moore's story justice. The violence did not bother me... there is quite a bit of violence in comic. It just does not seem as gory, because it is a comic book and not on movie screen. The change in the ending...well I am of two minds: I love the comic book ending, but I think Snyder tried to make it easier for someone who had not read the comic, or is unfamilar with comics in general to understand. (I won't go into detail, because some people that read this comment might not have seen the movie yet....) But the end is something they would be more familar with, not quite so fantastical.

    Actually looking forward to the directors cut... see what got left on the floor.


  4. In my opinion, the added violence didn't add to the story, but was probably an effort to ensure the 'dark' theme of the alternate world of the 80's was emphasized.

    The only change I truly had an issue with was Rorshack's handling of the child-killer. In the graphic novel, it's perfectly callous yet somehow 'clean.' In the movie he is portrayed as turning into a psychotic killer. I'm not sure that is exactly who Rorshack is.