Friday, August 7, 2009


Our plane arrives an hour late, putting us in the middle of rush hour traffic out of Boston in our rented car. Four hours later we arrive home.

We have had major renovations to the house done and they are awe-inspiring. Our contractor “The Kid” has done an amazing job. Like Wendy, he is into the little details and through e-mail and e-photos they have made a shabby little house into a dream home. Photos we have seen do not do it justice and we are blown away.

Wendy falls asleep soon as it is five a.m. Madrid time. I am not ready for sleep and go talk with my parents for ninety minutes. When I come home, Doug has also fallen asleep and I wander around our home. Home is both places. When I drive back to Boston I will say “I can’t wait to be home” meaning Madrid.

The next morning we are awake by five and working on the eves (again) by six a.m. The stuff in there breeds. We cleaned out the eves the last time we were home.

Never mind, I’ll write that post later. Comments should be answered. And besides, didn't I already write that?

Chris : Pictures of before and after will be up soonish. He was amazing, came in and had a few beers with us and made sure he got everything right. Super nice guy, perfectionist and came in on budget and on time.

Anonymous – thanks man. Wendy was watchign a sad movie. We see the dogs twice a year, August and Christmas. Got my new license but here in town, not in the mail. I finally got to sleep. Jet lag is hard for me. Takes me a week or more to get back on track.

Kjetil _ It’s an homage to Alan Moore.

Rod – Thanks man. ;-)

Dave G. Not sure if the director’s cut is out yet. I can’t find it but will buy it the day I see it. If I was you, I would buy the directors cut. The stuff you missed is just more good stuff that had to be cut to make the movie small enough time-wise not to freak out the studio. Thanks for the book title suggestions. Some good things to consider. What do you think of “Nightmare?” I like “knowing” as well. Sleep is finally getting back to normal.

Chris – The more I watch it the more I like it. I still think going the ultra-violent and sleek costumes was a mistake but you’de have to read the novel in order to make your decision on that.

Mr Fantastic – Please post your blog address. Anyone who reads here regularly, I would like your blog address.

Doug, Everything well said and I totally agree.

Dave G. : High-larious. I love PVP and read it every week.

Wendy and I are pretty busy but things are starting to settle a lit bit. Wendy is meeting with more contractors (driveway, house settling, more for the "kid" to fix), we picked out a beautiful blue carpet for the new bedrooms and stairs, we returned the rental car, showed Ben-Jamon and Strother around Middelbury, we've had dinner with Wendy's dad, lunch with my folks, mowed the lawn, cleaned out the cellar, had college reunion, drinks with Doozer, dinner with the gazelle and prince Todd (sister + brother in law) and more.

In our free time we have been watching Top Chef and this morning watched "Nell" which was very well done. Soon as Wendy is out of the shower it's back into town for more errands, experimenting with grilling Lobster, preparing for Lena and Stefan and the kids coming tomorrow. Big UFC tomorrrow night too. Need to go through a huge stack of mail, answer email, comments, write a new blog post, get back to work on "The Secret Force of the Brother's Very Grimm" and Wendy should have final comments done on Marilyn's Story which will then be incorporated and then published. (Knowing or Nightmare? Knightmare?) Votes?


  1. I like Knightmare. Incorporates her name, ordeal, and love of WOW in one word. Plus it sounds like you're wishing her good night.

  2. Hey Jamie,

    I'm probably a little biased but maybe "The Knowing Nightmare" might be something.
    Shit. That sounds like a fantasy sci/fi book, not something real.
    Or maybe I'm wrong. You've lost your wife. Something I cannot begin to understand. I still haven't accepted the lose of my dad, I don't what I'd do if I've lost my wonderful wife.
    LOL. I think I need therapy.
    I can't wait to read your book and if you need a proof reader I gladly offer my services.


  3. Well, since you asked and all, you can read my blog at

    I mostly treat blogging as a form of therapy and boredom killing. I admire people like you who can blog more consistently and about relevant issues, I.e., global warming, the afterlife, et cetera.

  4. College reunion? did that involve copious amounts of alchohol?? Every once in a while I get a little homesick for VT and it has been 16 years since we lived there..I really miss it in the fall, nobody has foliage like VT. Can't wait to see pictures of the remodel!!

  5. Hi Jamie…

    I look really forward to seeing the ‘reveal’ of your house. The wife makes me watch all these home improvement shows – and the best part is always the last 5 minutes. I hope your last 5 minutes is everything you want…

    Book title… I don’t think Nightmare (or Knightmare) is all that great. My opinion: It conjures a dark image… I know it incorporates her name, but to me, in a negative sense. Your life with Marilyn was hardly a nightmare. True, you had your low points – but you’ve had so many more happy moments, that to me, drowns out the negative. I know your story is a sad one, but in a sense, it’s a love story… So… maybe The Knowing Nightmare is a good idea. Or just the simple: Knowing or The Knowing. Or maybe, Knowing: Something something - Something something…
    I wish I had a little more wisdom to share – I’ve known and loved others that have faced cancer, but never with the depth to which you loved Marilyn.

    I am currently reading an older series of fantasy books – not the greatest books, but ones I read in Jr High about 20 years ago – so they have special place in my heart: Joel Rosenberg’s Guardians of the Flame series. (Begins with the clichéd college kids getting teleported from our world to their clichéd D&D-like gaming world). It’s kind of neat in that each chapter – he begins with a quote by somebody famous. Mind you – 20 years ago – there was no Internets… so it’s neat to see the quotes he chooses and to look back at each chapter to see what he meant by it. (It was extra cool in that I just finished watching the HBO John Adams series – and there were twice quotes by our 2nd President.) That said – I did find a nifty website that listed a bunch of quotes with the word – “Knowing” - in them – or you could also search for other keywords:

    It’s a little cheeky maybe – just an idea I’m throwing out there for ya. Or maybe you can just use this or other keywords and find something that strikes a chord with you for a different title.

    Good Luck!

  6. This is way to obvious, but how about "Marilyn". Or does that seem like a cheap attempt to cash on on the other Marilyn.