Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do not click this link.

Look, if you have any taste at all, DO NOT CLICK the following link. This is a warning to my parents, Aunt Didi, anyone who has ever attended church, anyone who finds anything offensive, I beg you, just ignore this post.

Lorelei, you on the other hand should read it immediatly since it is by Joe Rogan and I laughed until I cried. For those of you with a strong stomach and who are not offended easily, this is pure comedy gold. It inspires me to be a better, funnier writer. I can't even finish reading it because I'm laughing so hard I have to keep stopping.


  1. Yes, that was pretty intense, although I don't get grossed out at much, as you might guess. First comment here; I've been a fan for many years; got into Magic with my oldest son when he was 14 and Ice Age was new. I just started looking at Magic again after a five year lay-off, and was looking for some of my favorite old writers, when I found this blog. I just finished the archive this morning. It's great to see that life is going so well for you. I bought The Quest yesterday, and I'll be looking for Mare's book. Best wishes, and keep working on the Spanish lessons!

  2. If I was going to get offended at any of that it'd be the implication that people who attend church are likely to get offended at that blog post.

    But even then your rant style warning was much too entertaining.

  3. ERDoc : Thank you. So very happy you liked the writing enough to read all of the archives. That must have taken a while. Thanks for buying a copy of the book. Best wishes to you as well.

    Rock - Thanks man, enjoy your new iPhone. I posted about mine a while back.

  4. OMG that was the funniest crap I have read in FOREVER
    I laughed so hard I cried!