Monday, October 19, 2009


Having completed my travel memoir titled "I'm not an Alcoholic, I'm just European!" I am now spending my days researching agents that are interested in this type of a book and my writing style.

I came across one this morning from a great agency and this is listed under "What I'm looking for:".

"Nonfiction: I'm crazy about memoirs, especially if they're set in a different country or expose me to a different culture. I'm also a sucker for voice. If your style is fresh, sassy, funny, and/or just has a great personality, chances are I'll want to see your project. I also really (really) like narrative nonfiction, including adventure stories or anything having to do with space exploration. I'm also interested in seeing non-fiction proposals that deal with parenting, family, relationships, pets and any issue that affects women."

Um, did she just describe me and my book or am I delusional?

I pray to God she likes my query letter and asks to see the manuscript.


  1. Omgcopter! You're not delusional, that does indeed sound perfect for you (or yes, you are delusional and so am I).

    In any case, I'm sure you'll make a stellar impression. Would it be too much to ask for a copy (or at least summary) of the query letter you intend to send?

  2. Also, I got to leave the first comment on someone's blog for once?

    OMG OMG OMG, indeed. Mind you, I generally deplore the race to be the first dullard to leave the obligatory "FRIST!" on an active blog, but now that I have finally done so myself, I think I am starting to see the attraction.

    "Here stood Mr. Fantastic, stand in awe of his brand unholy."

    Et cetera, et cetera...

  3. Sounds more than promising, James! Knock her socks off! This one is going to fly, I'm sure of it.

  4. Good luck with this one, Jamie!

  5. Good luck, indeed. I find most agents have a strict "we won't take 15% comission for selling your book unless you've already sold it" rule, but maybe this one will be different. I've had more luck with publishers directly.

    I'll keep'a my fingers crossed all the same.