Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Before the food is laid out and the guests arrive.

Spooky graveyard scene, spooky bats and in little bowls?

Wendy putting the finishing touches on the kitchen. Arg! Look out for the spider behind you milady!

Happy and scary ghosts. One! Two! Two kinds of ghosts!

Everyone who arrived early enough (except JB who was 1) not in costume and 2) very kindly offered to take the picture.)

There are a LOT more pictures on Facebook that others have taken including one of me on my knees after a little speech I made then proposed. I don't take very good pictures so most of mine came out like crap. Hope you get the idea and if you join Facebook you can see a lot more.

(P.S Click some links ya bastards, I got a wife to support now!)

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