Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Golden Age Begins - NOW!

I can't even imagine having kids. I feel like I am always going, as I struggle to get this up before Wendy and I head to the gym in thirty minutes. If the Santorini thing isn't with it, it will be up tomorrow.

Okay... that is the fifth time I have tried to paste in my rambles and nothing is happening...

Okay, restarting didn't work...

Ah, pasting in "Edit HTML" mode worked. Bizarre.

I am predicting that we will never run out of oil. If we do, it will be long after I am gone. A recent article in “Time” magazine is talking about electric hybrid cars in development that will get 100, 250, 300 and even 367 miles to the gallon. And they aren’t coming soon, they are here. Cost is prohibitive at over forty-grand apiece, but the next wave is being built as I type this.

Every day a new wind farm is built or a permit for a new Nuclear power plant or a field of tide power pistons is being proposed. Solar power continues to get more advanced, thinner, more resilient, easier to install and most importantly – cheaper. All such technologies are more expensive than oil and coal, but initiatives and new technology will make them eventually cheaper. And that is a great thing.

We are at the dawn of a new age. A golden age I believe.

Even though the last three years with Wendy have had a lot of “Golden Age” in them, I feel that soon, she and I will enter an even better time.

The economic recovery is going a lot faster than people predicted (I only read and believe the positive articles), I’ve finished my travel memoir on Spain and travels throughout Europe and am approaching agents for representation, our house has just been redesigned into a castle, Wendy’s prospects seem to be looking way up, and hey look! Fall TV season has started. Yay!

Two things had us in stitches this week. We love Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Desperate Housewives) and his new series in its second season: “Castle” about a mystery writer who follows a sexy detective around and helps on cases.

This week’s episode starts with Fillion clearly dressed up in his “Firefly Captain Mal Reynolds” outfit. Flashes of clothing, a trench coat being put on, a gun strapped to his waist and then he jumps out of his room into the living room completely dressed as Mal, gun drawn. His daughter is sitting on the couch.

“Oh, hey” he says, slightly embarrassed.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting ready for Halloween.”

“What are you supposed to be?”

He looks at her incredulously “A space cowboy.”

“One, there are no cows in space and two, didn’t you wear that like five years ago?”

“Yeah but I really liked it.”

We were dying. We re-watched the scene three times.

The other priceless scene this week was on “Top Chef” when the judges are presented with small bits of garlic puff that explode with spicy flavor in their mouth.

Padma Lakshmi says “It’s like a tiny prick on your tongue then it gets huge in your mouth.”

Another (female) judge says “That’s what usually happens.”

You can even watch the full exchange here.

In other TV roundup, “Bones” has been fair, “Fringe” better than last season and Grey’s Anatomy pretty good. Not too annoying but not wonderful either. “Lie to me” continues to be fantastic while “Dollhouse” seems to be lacking a lot this season, a real surprise to me. “Dexter” has been great as usual and the last episode really grabbed us by the throat. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

For movies, we just watched “Up” which we both found touching, amazing and I think is Wendy’s new favorite animated film of all time. It is highly recommended and the montage at the beginning of the boy turning into a young, middle-aged, then old man is just beautiful and heart wrenching.

In books I have finally finished the “Liveship” series and found it amazing. After one and a half books I started handing them out as gifts to my family who have a ton of birthdays this time of year. The third book is a bit harsher from the first two and I hope it won’t upset one of the people I gave it to who usually reads lighter fare. Robin Hobb continues to beat the crap out of her characters and repeats the same conversation too many times,

Sea Serpent “We are losing our memories, what are we going to do?”
Other Sea Serpent “ I don’t know, we must find one who remembers.”
Repeat exact same concern twenty pages later.

But her characterization and the world she builds is second to none. The series is just a fascinating, sometimes painful, always interesting page turner. I loved it. The books are enormous and took me weeks to finish.

October has been very busy for us but November looks like it might slow down a little. Who knows, I find every day busy unless I’m really being lazy. Wendy has been going all out on the Halloween decorating and planning a party for this (last as I finally post this) Saturday and working on our costumes and decorating the apartment and making sure we have enough food and a new outdoor day bed for people to sit on the terrace, etc. I wrote a proposal for my book yesterday and she found the daybed so I went and helped her carry that home seven blocks and then went back to work. When I finished the proposal I was working on a couple hours later we carved pumpkins then went out shopping for Halloween candy that Stefan’s son specifically asked for, a new printer cartridge, plastic cups, dropped off something at the dry cleaners and one other stop I can’t remember. It was about two or three miles of walking considering we don’t have a car or scooter here. We came home and collapsed for a bit then did some more decorating, watched “Scream 3” and then went to bed.

This morning the electrician is here putting in a new dimmer switch, I’m answering email and trying to do a new blog post. Then we’re off to the new gym we joined for a workout before the 1:00 lunch rush, then home to try on costumes and make sure we’re all set for tonight’s (Saturday) Halloween party at the American Embassy, then some finishing touches on the decorations and possible rearranging of the living room because Wendy wants to make sure we’re prepared for the party to be outside on the terrace but it might be too cold and have to be moved inside.

So far, of the agents I have approached, I have too many rejections to count but have had two requests for chapters to read and one request for a proposal. So, I’m getting there.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope your Halloween is going to be as amazing as I know mine will be. (And it was.)

I proposed to Wendy on Halloween and she said yes!

Pictures of the apartment and costumes coming next now.

Sorry for the lack of updates and most of them being status reports, but all my energy these days are going into researching and approaching agents. I plan on posting more about our trip to Santorini in the coming weeks in hopes of more amusing and interesting things to read here.