Monday, February 8, 2010

So, we’re watching “Bones” and “Fringe” and “Castle” and as usual, TV follows a certain formulae that I hate.

Why don’t they shoot people more? And how come every time they shoot someone, they die?

“Stop! FBI!” and the guy goes running off and the agent chases them. Sometimes they catch them, and sometimes they do not. Usually the agent is running with a gun in his or her hand . Why exactly don’t they shoot the perp in the leg? Why exactly do cars get to go screaming off, the agent fires a bunch of shots which might or might not hit the back window and shatter it but they never shoot for a tire?

And what is the deal with no romance between the two stars? This was a disaster on “Moonlighting” and ever since then it has been forbidden to have two people, obviously attracted to each other, obviously in love, obviously lusting after each other – pretend that no such feelings exist. Its become a Hollywood cliché that as soon as you have the two main characters fall into bed the series is done.

Bones and Booth, Lightman and Foster, Castle and Nikki Heat, Agent Olivia Dunham and Peter, even Loker and Torres! There is steamy chemistry on all of them but never a kiss or a date or a coupling because that’s taboo in Hollywood. Get over Moonlighting already and learn how to keep a series alive when you have the main characters date.

Okay, anyone out there watch Fringe? How many of you knew that Peter would be glimmering when Olivia looked at him, proving he was from the other side? We thought it was pretty obvious for weeks but maybe we’re just really smart smart :-) Did they over-play their hand or was anyone surprised by that?

I have been reading some Doonesbury archives and I have to agree with one observation. All HD does is show you how bad someone’s skin is. In all two of the movies we have seen in HD, the only thing that changed for me was the fact that I can see the pores of the actor’s skin. Disturbing.

Last and probably least, my hatred of the term “African American” continues to grow. When it’s used on TV it just annoys me. There was one sprinter interviewed after winning a race and the female interviewer was asking “How does it feel to be an African American who…”

“I’m from London.”


“I’m not African American, I’m from London.”

“But as an African American…”

“Look, what don’t you get? I’m not African American; I was born and raised in London. I’m English. I’m not African American at all.”


  1. I agree, except that I think you mean "Moonlighting," not "Moonstruck."

  2. You're right. Thanks for catching that. I have changed it in the post.

  3. Did you see the season finale of Bones?? They dabbled in the whole Bones and Booth hook up thing..but turns out is was just a dream...Imagine that!

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  5. Loved that last story!!! As a mixed race mutt containing Spanish, African (and let's not forget it's a freaking continent, not a country, but I don't know from which country my slave ancestors came from), French and Chinese blood, I also dislike the term "African-American" very much, but do find myself using it to avoid offending people, it's quite a dilemma...