Monday, March 29, 2010

Congrats Kjetil!

"Completely unrelated, but I have to share: After a series of bizzare events yesterday I escaped as the winner of PTQ Marseille and thus qualified for Pro Tour San Juan. I wasn't really on a quest for The Pro Tour, but I guess the dream still lingered somewhere in the back of my mind and when the oppurtunity presented itself I grasped it."


Congratulations! That is awesome!

What format was the PTQ and what is the format of the PT itself? I could look it up but I'd also like to know what you think about the format and how you think you'll do in the style.

My one piece of advice is this -

Have fun.

You made it to the big show! THE BIG SHOW! Even if you go 0-7, smile the entire day because you knwo what?

You made it!


  1. Thanks! I will!

    The format of the PTQ was extended and the format of the Pro Tour is block (as well as draft (it is always multiformat nowadays)).

    I'm no deckbuilder, but we have a couple of "Jamie Wakefields" in our playgroup which I trust will come up with something fun. It's a win win situation cause that way they take a part in it as well.

  2. Well where is the deck list?!