Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Jon Fitch


"Fitch (22-3 MMA, 12-1 UFC), a former Purdue University wrestling team captain, posted a familiar performance: He used takedowns, a stifling top game, and good ol' ground and pound to post a unanimous-decision win. Fitch's past six wins have all come via decision in a similar manner. The string of wins was interrupted by – and Fitch's only defeat in the Octagon was the result of – a lopsided unanimous-decision loss to champ St-Pierre at UFC 87 in 2008.

Since then Fitch has won four straight and is anxious for another shot at the belt.

And after watching St-Pierre's similarly lopsided (and thus far, largely criticized) title defense over Dan Hardy, Fitch is even more eager to exploit what he sees as holes in the champ's game.

"It was a good fight for him, but I still see flaws in his game, and that's why I want to fight him," Fitch said of St-Pierre. "There's nothing that means more to me right now than fighting for the title.

"I'm 12-1 in the UFC with my lone loss to GSP. I've won my last four fights. I wish they would have all been finishes, but it doesn't always work out that way. But I'm a better fighter than the first time we fought.""

Dear Jon Fitch,

Not only do I never want to see you fight again, I never want to see you fight for the title even if you remain undefeated for the next twenty years. You have no courage. You take no risks. You never try to pass guard. You never try to improve your position, you never try for a submission. You are the epitome of a blanket and you make all other wrestlers look bad with your style of fighting.

There is a reason fighters with a 5-5 record are still in the UFC and there is a reason someone like you, with an amazing, but incredibly boring, record is sometimes relegated to the undercard. The fact that you are so incredibly dense, and can't realize this, amazes me. It's really staggering how thick you are to think that anyone would pay to watch you "fight" and care about the outcome.


  1. So am I a complete hypocrite that I hated the boring Fitch fight Saturday night, but I loved every minute of GSP beating the snot out of Hardy? All the message boards are complaining about GSP and how he couldn't finish Hardy. Either I just love the guy and he can do no wrong, or else I was watching a different fight as he nearly tore Hardy's arm out of it's socket.

  2. Jamie..I think u should fight!!

  3. Chris - Not hypocritical at all. GSP improved position, went for submissions, took risks. Fich does none of those things.

    GSP and Hardy put on an exciting fight! Hardy impressed me.

    Like you, GSP can do no wrong in my eyes.