Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Titles are good. Sometimes I forget them.

I believe that once again, I am almost done with “I’m not an Alcoholic, I’m just European! Living in Spain, Adventuring through Europe.”

Yesterday I spent the day designing the cover, uploading photo’s, formatting flavor text on the back cover. At the end of the day I submitted everything to CreateSpace so they could make sure the work followed their guidelines. Last night I was told that it was acceptable, and this morning I have ordered a proof to look over. My fourth to be exact. Let’s hope this once comes out right. I spent the rest of the morning working on the Kindle edition of the book and uploaded that for approval a few hours ago. So, by the end of this week or early next week, yes, there will finally be a link on this blog and Amazon.com to a book you can purchase. I thought it would take me a year. It’s been three.

Oh well, at least that’s finally over and now I can retire. Oh wait…

I have been enjoying working on “Secret Force – Quest for the Pro Tour II” but now I am stuck. I have reached a place in the story that requires a lot of revision and reorganizing. And I’m not quite sure how it should fit together.

I have also received editing notes back from Wendy on “Night’Mare” (or should that be “Night,Mare”) and I see a big job ahead of me there. After getting the Kindle version done on the travelogue, I feel like breaking into the champagne and celebrating. Looking at what I want to get accomplished before we head home though, the only thing I can do is put my nose to the grindstone and get back to work.

Man, I’m just pissy today. You may remember I had a horrible injury from trying to cut leather with a jamon knife, and my finger has never recovered. I call it my “zombie finger” and it affects my typing. I could say it affects it a great deal but that’s not really true. It affects it a little and a little is enough. It’s just a pain in the ass having to go back and correct words all the time. Everyone makes mistakes while typing, now double that since I sliced my finger nearly in half.

And then I weighed myself and I’m still stuck at 180, regardless of how little I eat.

Of course, that’s bullocks and I know it. Wendy bought this very sophisticated scale that tells you your body fat percentage and mine has dropped from 25.5 to 23.9, so, something is happening. Not that 23.9 is actually good, but at least it’s going down.

Yeah, I just ate breakfast and it improved my mood tremendously.

Time for some more coffee and then I'm going to hit the afternoon hard.

In fun and interesting links, David Gerlach posted these to the comments section of my Facebook fan page. The first one I wondered “Why the hell did he show me this?” and then halfway through you understand completely. It is very cool.


The second link is a technological wonder and no, I did not make it.



  1. So..I was just wondering if you could tell us how you think that scale works?? How can u just stand on it and it tells how much fat is in your body? Seriously, if u get on it and it tells u you have a percentage of 23.9 then eat a slice of boston cream pie, will it really go up? Weird...

  2. There is this tremendous electric shock that lasts five seconds that you have to endure. Something about the way electricity passes through muscle and bone is different than the way it passes through fat.

    Actually, I think that actually is true. Except the tremendous shock part. You can't feel a thing. :-)

  3. It's going to take a little while for your body to metabolize a piece of pie and turn it into fat. Now if you check the scale today, then eat a piece of pie each day for a week, then check the scale again, you might see your body fat go up.

  4. Love the updates. And to help you along with 'Secret Force' I just ordered Quest for the Pro Tour. :)

  5. Hmmmm... Pie...

    Awww... you posted my links. Ah... to be immortalized on the Wakefield blog, its like a dream come true.

    I'd like to thank my agent. The director. All the little people. And the gods (all of them, especially Odin). 8-)

    I'll keep the links coming from time to time as long as they prove to be entertaining for you and your readers.

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming. Your writings that were the most influential to me were during your Secret Force days (dinosaur tokens, chicken tracks, etc). I really hope you see that project through.