Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inside Out Weight Loss

(Forgive the extra periods, blogger, shit program that it is, isn't formating things correctly today.)
My body is asking for carbs this morning.

Wendy has been explaining this new way of looking at food she heard about from Lena. Lena is five foot nothing and has lost fifteen pounds in the last year listening to a podcast called “Inside Out Weight Loss.” There's also a website where you can listen and read as well.

Essentially, you learn to listen more to what your body needs as opposed to what it wants, and breaking old eating habits and acquiring newer, healthier ones. It makes you think about each bite, eat slower and question if you really need more.

For example, you are eating a pizza. It is good pizza and you are eating it while watching a movie. You finish your plate and go back for more, eat some more and continue watching the movie. This new philosophy is all about making sure you are appreciating every bite. Don’t just shovel more in because the first bite was good. Enjoy the fifth bite every much as the first. Savor it. Eat slower. When your plate is empty, think to yourself: do I need more? I’d like more but do I need more? How full is my stomach? I could fit another two pieces in there but am I actually hungry?

You learn to listen better to what your body needs as opposed to what your mind wants. This morning, my body is asking for carbs. I don’t know why.
I live on an almost all protein diet. I generally eat four eggs a day for breakfast. Yes, I have had my cholesterol tested many times and it is within normal parameters, thank you. I do this partially by choice and partially with an eye towards weight loss. Last night we went out with Lena and Stefan for St. Patrick’s day and stopped into a pintxo bar that is usually too busy to accommodate us. We were smart this time and started early, showing up at their doors five minutes after they opened (8:00) and there were only ten people there. We all got pintxo’s and they all come on a nice thick slab of bread. I ate my beef, pork and quail’s egg off the pintxos and left the bread. Partly because I don't like bread all that much but also because it is empty calories and I don't need it.
Today Wendy and I are going out for lunch and having a mariscada para dos which is boiled then chilled goose barnacles, tiger shrimp, two kinds of crab, and Norwegian lobster. It will come with two loaves of bread which I will ignore. It will also come with a little cup of mayonnaise which we will both ignore.
My body is craving carbs and I know it won’t get them later so this morning I am having ravioli for breakfast.
And now, to the editing…

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