Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Next Chapter

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life; because, usually, each chapter is better than the last. Okay, sure, the cancer chapter sucked in a way I didn’t believe possible, and there have been some rough parts in all chapters. But, in general, the book that is my life continues to rise towards a climax and eventual denouement.

Life is great right now but I am making the philosophical mistake of looking forward to events that will be even greater. I am very much looking forward to the wedding this summer, (http://www.wendyandjamie.com/) seeing old friends, having a big three-day party, and most of all, finally being able to call Wendy my wife. Eighteen months ago I was in a therapy session and the therapist asked me “Where do you want to see yourself in a year? What would you accomplish that would make you most happy?” I told him without hesitation the thing that would make me most happy would be to be married to Wendy. Second would be to get an agent and get published, but the thing I most wanted was being able to introduce Wendy as my wife.

That will finally happen this August.

I think a lot of things will happen in the months following this July. I’ll be getting married in August. I’ll have books for sale. The economy will continue to recover, which Wendy’s business needs. Wendy received a phone call yesterday from a very powerful man who has been promoted to an even more powerful position and wants to meet with her at the end of the summer to talk business. The last project she did for him, he told her later, “Your work made me look very good.” Imagine the vice president of General Electric telling you that. I think that’s about equivalent to the power this guy wields. So, Wendy may have some big project coming up when we return to Spain after getting married and I may be drafted into service helping her do research. Some of the research I do for her is mind-numbingly boring but a vast majority of it is fascinating and I learn a lot about a subject I am very interested in. I’d tell you more but then I’d have to kill you. Classified you know.

Now is all preparation. Preparing for the wedding, editing and revising books, trying to lose the weight I put on the last time we were in the states, working out, waiting for the recession to end so more projects are available, etc.

I look forward to August. I feel like a lot will happen then. In the twelve months following that I see more progress on the books front, transcribing of notes from South America, a renewal in Spanish classes, benching 225 lbs again, working on amazing projects with Wendy, and possibly a return to Magic: The Gathering.

The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.


  1. Oh the return. By the way did you ever answer the following question?

    "What must it be like to be Jamie Wakefield? To be so addicted to the game that it begins to consume you whole. To bare your soul, your hopes and aspirations, to the world. To be so excited about making Top Eight that you want to pee yourself. To have the entire community embrace you and yearn to know more about you. To autograph cards. To write the best Magic book, EVER. To rediscover yourself in a game of fantasy. To be the model from which all Magic players should pattern themselves after.

    Then give it all up." (John F. Rizzo)

  2. The simple answer is - It is fantastic.

    I love John Rizzo for that article. I have rarely felt so proud after reading that. I then returned to Magic five years later and was again embraced by its amazing community.

    I plan to return again next year.

    I want to make a run at the gravy train. I want to win a Pro Tour. Some of you may know, I can be very determined.

  3. I am sure the (magic) world will be a very happy place when you win your pro tour.